Make this Monday Skinny!

Bethenny Frankel’s is pretty frank when it comes to women being in control of their own health and happiness.
With her use of profanity and blunt words, some can’t simply stomach the star’s sass. However, even if you don’t enjoy her abrupt behavior, her remarkable determination is quite easier to digest. This housewife’s grit is admirable as she definitely proves she can run more than just the kitchen. Frankel completely indulges herself in work, constantly building her empire consisting of Skinnygirl products(new cocktails available in April!) and books that focus on having a healthy positive lifestyle.

Bethenny Frankel’s Naturally Thin book is to help free women from a life of dieting. The book shows you can eat what you want when you are aware of portion control. She claims although some people may have a faster metabolism or were born with a naturally thinner frame, you can learn to be “naturally thin.” She encourages you to enjoy the foods you love but in moderation. I honesty found myself flipping the pages of this book faster than flipping a stack of pancakes. Personally I think the book is common sense, however we can all use some good tips on how to enjoy sweet satisfaction without tipping the scale. Bethenny is also said to have her own daytime show soon.

Tomorrow “Bethenny Ever After” season premiere begins tomorrow at 9pm on Bravo. Kick off your heels, pop open one of your favorite Skinnygirl cocktails and ease the tension of your stressful monday when watching this hilarious entrepreneur! This is said to be her third and last season because she will begin her own daytime show this summer.

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