The Princess Diaries

Why is being princess so appealing? Sure the Prince and the fairy tale are nice, but let’s be real, looking like a princess is what makes every little girl (or woman for that matter) dream of being royalty one day. Case in point…Princess Kate Middleton. Unless you’ve been held in a castle as a hostage you would know that Kate Middleton is the real life princess of perfection.

Well in the words of Maroon 5, “All those fairy tales are full of shit.” Little girl’s love the way Disney Princesses dress, what they do and how they look. We grow up believing these characters are just blessed with such beauty or have a fairy godmother to make it all happen …however I am here to tell you the truth and the hidden secrets of these characters.

Luckily, looking like a princess doesn’t have to require a magic wand, a fairy godmother, and there’s no prince required. Don’t wait around for prince charming to turn you into a princess…

Sleeping Beauty

Before going to bed wash your face with a good cleanser. NEVER go to bed with makeup on. Use lotion that works best for your type.

Dip a little toothbrush in baking soda and water and brush lightly over your lips to gently exfoliate the dead skin. Then put Vaseline on to coat your lips.

Sip some sleepy time or bedtime tea…not too much though! You don’t want to wake up having to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Make sure to set your room to the right temperature, preferably cool.

Wear an eye mask to bed to block the sun from waking you up too early in the morning.

Sleeping beauty Natural-Based sleeping tablets promote natural sleep & healthy sleep cycle…not to mention helps maintain healthy beautiful skin!

Put in those  ear plugs to prevent noise from disturbing your deep night sleep. 
Rest your head on the perfect pillow, I suggest squishy and soft for the best sleep.


Taking biotin can stimulate hair growth and promote shinny thick locks! If you take the sleeping beauty tablets I mentioned above your already taking a full days worth of daily value of biotin.

Avoid brushing hair to hard (especially when hair is wet) and stay away from dyes and chemical treatments. This causes breakage, split ends, and even hair loss.

We believe flat irons, blow dryers, and curling irons are our own “magic wands” but they actually do more damage than good!

See a dermatologist if you don’t see improvement or feel there is an underlying problem.


This mermaid clearly gets her fish oil/omega-3 supplement to maintain her flawless skin and shinny hair.

 In order to keep up with all the fit fish in the sea, swim for exercise.

 Compliment your mermaid-like figure with corsets and dresses that pull you in at the waist.

 Avoid scaly skin by moisturizing after showers and before bed.

 Try a fishtail braid or braid updo (like Kate Middleton).

  Don’t forget to apply sunscreen on, even when you are in the ocean! You can actually burn more when you are in the water.



Snow White:

Invest in your own magic mirror. Buy a mirror with great lighting zoom vanity mirror with adjustable magnification. In order to be the fairest of them all, you must have confidence!

The poisonous apple is considered to be Snow White’s trademark. Avoid poisonous and chemical toxins that enter our bodies by adding apple cider vinegar to your dish.


Belle confessed her love for the Beast just before the last petal fell from the enchanted rose. Rose hip oil, used by Miranda Kerr, can help your skin glow because of the antioxidants that help to rejuvenate the skin. Belle wore various outfits, she definitely can be considered “a fashion flirt”. Her most renowned  outfit is her golden ball gown. The color is actually really popular for this summer but make sure you choose right shade for your skin tone!


The one but most important secret from Cinderella- get yourself a really great pair of glass slippers, I mean heels.

…and live happily ever after!