The Post-Grad Glamaway

Is it really the end of the road? Some have said, “It’s the end of the best 4 years of our lives,” but I say, “The best is yet to come.” Since graduating, I have found that fighting for a career in fashion simulates driving in a bumper car. To resist my road rage I decided to start early on my Summer Syllabus and take a much needed R&R road trip with my friend, Lauren.

We planned to meet in NYC, have a fabulous spa and shopping day, followed by a fantastic night at the Dream Hotel, take the train back to White Plains in the morning, and hit the road for the Hampton’s to see our friend, Byron!

One of the best parts of our city adventure was our reflexology massage and detox foot bath at The Whole Health Wellness Med Spa. We reclined our seats…as we were living the life (thanks to Living Social), and being massaged from head to toe.

Reflexology promotes natural healing by massaging the reflexes in the feet, hands, ears, and other areas that correspond to every gland and organ in the body. It is meant to relieve tension and improve circulation.  If you ever decide to get a massage, I highly suggest getting the Reflexology Massage from Susan at The Whole Health Wellness Med Spa in SoHo!

Aside from our spa session, our other city adventures weren’t well thought out…they were just kind of a reflex. After an hour and a half detox, we put the damage right back into our toes with a long day of shopping at some of our favorite spots in SoHo (Topshop, American Apparel, Big Drop, Detour, and Wink.)

Although we were thrilled about our fashion purchases… we were a tad more excited about the Dream Hotel’s comfortable white robes, they are the perfect combination of sexy and cute right?! No worries though, we put on real clothes later that night.

 Our city trip was such a success we laid by the pool the next morning and debated whether or not we should still road trip to the Hampton’s.

Nonetheless, we continued our journey, but our unrealistic expectations and time management skills were definitely tested once we got on the road to the Hampton’s.  I had this idealistic image in my head that we would just be so high on life, blasting music, as the cool evening air filtered through the car’s open windows, while I gave Lauren a manicure during the stop and go traffic. (Hey it’s not texting!) Unfortunately, Lauren never got her nails done during that car ride, and our Hampton’s road trip wasn’t anything like I expected. 

When we ran into a problem, “Don’t worry, it’s just a speed bump,” was the phrase we repeated a million times during our trip. Maybe it was the positive energy still circulating through our bodies from the reflexology massage, but despite our struggles we remained upbeat and had so many laughs along the way.  

We can’t avoid every “bump in the road”…but at least we learned to take on the next one with a little more ease.    


We finally made it to the Hamptons six hours later, but being reunited in East Hampton with Byron was totally worth it! SL East Night Club, yacht sailing in Sag Harbor, and window shopping on Main Street of East Hampton made for the perfect summer getaway.  

Sure we could have planned ahead a little more, but if we were to contemplate every decision we made, we wouldn’t have steered off the road which eventually lead to even more laughs and wonderful memories!

Road-Trip Reminders

 Music makes moments memorable. Remember to create an updated playlist for the car, for getting ready, and for 4am when you still want to party.

Plan ahead for breaks as well as destination stops. Most importantly, bring a GPS…

 (…especially if you don’t know how to operate an iPhone!)

You never know what excursions and adventures your trip may bring. Make sure you pack practical walking shoes!

Our Beauty Road Trip Must-Haves

 –          A Sleeping Eye Mask

 –          Eye Drops

 –          Sunglasses

–          Under-eye Cover Up

 –          Shower Cap

 –          SPF Face and Body Lotion 

 –          Clean and Clear Oil Pads

 –          Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Wipes

 –          Bobby-pins and Hair Ties

 –          Smart Water and Healthy Snacks

 –          Multi Vitamin and B-12 Complex

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