Beauty Begins With Breakfast!

We’ve heard it a million times…“breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”
I’ll admit, sometimes when I am in a rush I will skip the morning meal or grab a nutrition bar on my way out, however, last week’s Barney’s and BAZAAR Beauty Breakfast was one I definitely wasn’t passing up! My friend Lauren and I attended the event which was held at Barney’s in NYC and moderated by Alexandra Parnass, the beauty director at Harper’s BAZAAR.

I never enjoyed lectures, and lord knows I never sacrificed my beauty sleep waking up for one, but this skincare education definitely wasn’t snooze button material!


The Creative Ambassador-At-Large of the NYC Barney’s, Simon Doonan, and Glenda Bailey, BAZAAR’s Editor in Chief, opened the event with inviting the ladies to sit and enjoy a delicious breakfast while a discussion on all things beauty began.  The beauty experts on the panel were the creator of Modern Skincare, Sunday Riley, Claudio Riaz the makeup brush expert, Carlos Huber the creator of Arquiste, and the inspiring Liz and Rachel Edlich, creators of Radical Skincare.


 How To Become A Bright-Eyed Beauty

The morning of the event I wasted so much time splashing my face with ice cold water, using my  anti-puff eye roller, and doing just about every trick in the book to get rid of my dull tired skin and puffy eyes…it’s no wonder I sometimes have no time for breakfast! I believe Breakfast at Tiffany’s gave all us women an unrealistic image of what early morning beauty looks like. I think it’s safe to say most women, including myself, don’t resemble Miss Hepburn at the crack of dawn… Tired puffy eyes and dark circles are enough to make any girl want to go back to bed and hide under the covers.  Thankfully, we can channel our inner Audrey Hepburn by putting on a fashionable big pair of shades, but it would feel great to be able show our face in daylight without having to cover up or hide behind our sunglasses!

This was the topic I was most anxious to get advice about from the beauty experts. They all agreed that tired eyes can make anyone look about 5 years older…but we all experience that dreadful morning when we wake up looking fatigued, hoping it’s just a bad dream. One of the easiest tricks the beauty experts proposed was freezing two teaspoons and putting them on your puffy eyes in the morning to help the swelling go down.


Another eye opener that I literally took away from the event was to apply Radical Eye Revive Cream. This cream is unlike any other that I have used in the past. It definitely decreases my puffy eyes and dark circles and works great underneath my makeup. Unfortunately, this past week my dog passed away, causing major water works which would normally cause massive bags under my eyes. I knew this eye cream was a keeper when it hid this upsetting incident from being written all over my face at a family event the next day.  There will never be another Audrey Hepburn, but at least we can make our mornings feel a little more Hollywood glam and look a lot less horrifying!

The Wake up Call

Alexandra Parnass put her own beauty wisdom into the conversation when the discussion turned on the topic about tanning and how to get that glowing skin we all see in the magazines. She reassured everyone that the models we see on the pages Harpers BAZAAR use makeup to get a sun kissed look, and would never step foot into a tanning bed or use harsh chemicals to get a tan.  She then stated, “If you’re not using sunscreen you might as well not waste your money on anti-aging products because you will never see results.  If you’re putting your anti-aging products on at night and not your sunscreen in morning you might as well not even bother spending time and money on the skincare products.”

This was a huge wake up call. At a young age of 22, I use anti-aging creams, take a daily multi-vitamin, drink green tea, eat plenty of vegetables and fruits to prevent premature aging…but don’t apply sunscreen every morning? Obviously, after hearing Alexandra’s advice, my actions were a complete contradiction.  Rachel Edlich advises women to start using anti-aging products in their 20’s, prevent free radicals at a young age of 15, and practice safe skincare at every age!

Liz Edlich suggested her solution on how to get a healthy glow without harming our skin. The secret to preventing anti-aging is antioxidants! Antioxidants help our bodies fight back free radicals and help repair itself from the inside out. The environmental causes of free radicals are daily stress, ozone depletion, air pollutants, smoking cigarettes, inflammation, radiation and UV rays from the sun, industrial chemicals, processed foods, and recreational and prescription drugs. Liz went on to say how obviously just 1 or 2 antioxidants can’t prevent all these different types of free radicals that cause damage to our skin. The Radical Peptide Infused Antioxidant Serum is 300% more potent in antioxidant protection and contains a berry bronze texture that gives skin a healthier natural glow.

This product literally rubbed me the right way! Liz rubbed the serum into my right hand and compared it to my left, proving that with just one application you can see a difference in my skin tone and texture. Then, Lauren and I put the Radical Skincare line to the test when we received a Radical oxygen facial, followed by the skincare’s products.  I loved the results, and have been using the Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads, the Peptide Infused Antioxidant Serum, and the Eye Revive Cream for about a week now. I highly recommend the serum because it gives you a dewy fresh look as if you just went to the gym or on vacation. I love this product because I am so fair and I feel my skin looks less pasty and pale whenever I use it!

When it comes to health and your morning beauty regimen, don’t sleep on it… protect your skin and prevent future damage!