Call the fashion police or call it a pet peeve?

What’s your take on toe cleavage?

 I used to think that when a shoe showed the tops of my toes it meant the shoe doesn’t fit properly…little did I know that some women actually want to show that “this little piggy went to Nordstrom.” I understand that women want to show off their best assets… I just never considered our toes to be one of them!

When a woman has toe cleavage I think their feet look cramped, stuffed, and swollen…but a renowned red-sole shoe designer begs to differ. Christian Louboutin is mostly known for the red-sole heels, and recently designed a limited edition Cinderella slipper that I am absolutely head over heels in love with. The fancy footwork is bejeweled with lace, sparkling butterflies and Swarovski crystals.

Maybe, if I was a princess and could actually afford these heels I would be a little more foot loose and fancy free on the toe cleavage

but until then, Christian Louboutin and I will go toe to toe on this shoe subject!  The designer claims, “The point is, it’s more provocative to show a low toe cleavage than it is wearing sandals that reveal all. In flip-flops you see everything but that is not at all sexy.”  Hmmm…I don’t think toe cleavage necessarily screams “sin city in my shoes!”  But hey, to each their own!

On, Stacey Bendet, who designs for Alice + Olivia in addition to having her own shoe collection at Payless ShoeSource, puts her two cents into the toe cleavage trend.  Recently she remarked, “I’m like, that’s not sexy. Who wants to show their toe?  Show a little ass; show some cleavage, but toe crack? I don’t understand that. I’ve had this conversation with shoe buyers.  If you’re wearing a pump, I like for it to come to the start of your toes, so you see foot and ankle but you don’t see toe crack.”

I find it fascinating how some styles have people swooning, while others are cringing in the background.  Ironically, that’s what makes fashion so wonderful.  As long as we don’t step on anyone’s toes, we’re all entitled to stand on our own two feet and shouldn’t have to tip toe around eachother; we should embrace our differences.

Who knows, maybe I’ll take a walk on the wild side one day and try me some toe cleavage…but for now it still remains one of my fashion pet peeves!