Mirror Manners

Is it inappropriate to do it in the gym…in the car…in the elevator…? Hey, not that silly! …But yes, it is rude to repeatedly stare at your own reflection.
Although we sometimes need to make sure our outfit is working out, the rear view is clear, and our hair has all the lift itneeds, we don’t need to constantly look in the mirror as often as we do.

The Huffington Post claims that women will check their reflections about eight times a day with the use of any number of surfaces to do so. Conceited or crazy? DailyMail.com suggests the obvious, that after ten minutes of looking at your reflection can increase anxiety.  Psychologists suggest that when even a mentally healthy person stares at themselves for that long they become more anxious and concerned about their body image.

Wouldn’t it be easier if we just had our own Disney Princess magic talking mirror to tell us “You look fine”, or “Girl, you cannot wear that outfit…” Don’t worry I’m not suggesting to run out and buy yourself a magic mirror at Toys R Us, but try writing notes or words of encouragement to yourself on your mirror to keep yourself positive, continuing to love yourself and to be grateful for what you have.


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Say that 3 times fast!

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