Mind, Body, and Soles!

Do you agree that shoes are the sole of an outfit?  Researchers at the University of Kansas claims that people can accurately judge 90 percent of a stranger’s personality simply by looking at their shoes.  Christian Crandall, a professor of social psychology at the University of Kansas and lead author of the study published in the Journal of Research in Personality, claims that one is able to predict a person’s age, gender, income, and character traits just by looking at their shoes.

Looks like we don’t have to say a peep and perhaps our 4-inch peep toe heels say it all!

If you don’t want to get off on the wrong foot with anyone or give off the wrong impression you can be one step ahead. That’s right, get your feet wet this summer when trying the hottest fall seasons shoe trends on Spotty Market….

Three hot trends; Three Different Personas:

The Artsy Ankle-Strap

  • You rarely get cold feet.
  • You are footloose and fancy free, but every now and then also like to stay in your little shoe box!
  • You like to play footsie, you’re a total flirt!
  • You are an attention seeker and enjoy making an entrance and turning heads. 

The Two-Toned or Color Block

  • You like to keep people on their toes; you are mysterious and intriguing to others.
  • You might have moments of acting a little bipolar, but hey at least you’re not boring!
  • You struggle keeping your feet on the ground.
  • There is a dark and deeper side to you. 

The Sharp and Sexy Stiletto

  • You can instantly sweep others off their feet.
  • You put your best foot forward and never have to put your foot in your mouth at the workplace.
  • You’re confident and would never wait on someone hand & foot
  • You hardly ever tip toe around others, you say it as it is!

Let your shoes speak for themselves…and for you!




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