When One Door Closes On A Season, A Window Opens!

You know when you can peek into someone’s window…see the chandelier and the beautiful decorations in their lovely place and think to yourself, “wow what a life”….well it’s a similar feeling looking through the windows on 5th avenue. For work I was set on a mission to go window shopping” and photograph what the up and coming trends are for the fall season.  

While trying not to let my nose or breath make marks on the glass(hey everything is 3D nowadays right?!), I got up close and personal with the manikin’s and I kind of loved playing photographer/tourist for the day on the streets of the Upper East Side… 

Walking down the streets of Manhattan is like watching the previews to a movie. Each store tells a story by showcasing their beautiful garments and visuals to present a theme which they chose to symbolize their fashion forecast for the following season. We, the audience, choose whether or not to stand back and watch… or fast-forward to the next store.  Fashionista’s love NYC’s windows, being able to get an inside look at what is coming to a store near you or if you’re lucky maybe already released….

A retailer’s goal is that you make their window debut be based on a true story by intriguing you to shop their stores. Saks definitely stole the show and you could tell there were hardly any critics on the streets. The ratings were obviously fantastic, making it the most popular store people were walking into.

Don’t worry if you haven’t have a chance to catch the previews or can’t making this years showing of the fall windows, I have your front row tickets free of charge!(popcorn not included).

H&M: Animation




Bergdorf Goodman: Mystery


Banana Republic: Romantic Comedy

JCrew: Silent Movie


BCBG Max Azria: Independent Film


The moral of the story:

  1. Stripes, polka dots, and graphic printed sweaters are definitely in for the fall season.
  2. Strong collars and structured blazers make a powerful statement.
  3. Ladylike sweaters may be hard to neglect.
  4. All American colors and black and white are timeless.
  5. You need teacup maltase puppy in order to complete the outfit.

Who’s Ready For The Sequal?!

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