Hold the Phone…There’s a New Way to Shop!

Dialing all you stressed out stylish Fashionistas! It’s the text from our ex, the annoying advertisement phone call for the cruise we WISH we had time for, the inbox of emails we have yet to respond to ….that makes us think to ourselves
“ugh, I need some serious shopping therapy!”

Well, what if I told you there’s an app for that! The crowded malls and long lines are enough to push our buttons and suck any therapeutic pleasure out of us. However, now we can just plug-in our chargers, lie down on the couch, and enjoy our therapy sesh!! How does that make you feel…?


Shop, sell, party!

The best feature on The Poshmark app is without a doubt the themed parties! Posh Parties are in-app shopping and selling experience. You can shop or sell clothing or accessories depending on the theme of the party. For example, attend a “Graphic Sweaters,” “Designer Shoes,” “Peplum Attire” and “Cocktail Dresses” from the comfort of your own home or even on your lunch break.   The parties are real-time events that allow Fashionista’s all over the country to attend and promote their own wardrobe within the community. It’s like one big closet celebration!


Scroll, shop, splurge!

When scrolling through the great finds on the Splurge app there is no sacrifice on time, money, or quality.  Splurge provides something for everyone and brings consumers everything they desire at the best prices. You almost feel as if you have your own personal shopper because everything is handpicked by the experts and updated each hour to provide the freshest finds! The Splurge app provides you with the most desirable products in fashion, kids, home, tech, travel, pets, and more… making shopping your affordable art.  

“Since we do the aggregating and curating, shoppers can enjoy the benefits of e-commerce (and me-commerce) while still feeling like they are shopping in their local boutique,” says Splurge’s co-founder Eric Dahan. “You don’t go on Splurge to look for something in particular; you go on because you don’t know what we are going to show you next.” Download the Splurge app at: http://www.bit.ly/shopsplurge

We may not have time for the cruise right now, but there is always time to squeeze in a little Splurge & Posh Party!

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