Totes MAD for Koret Handbags

How would you identify your fashion personality? Are you fun, funky, and cool? Or are you more modern with a twist? Sure, you can tell a lot about a woman by what she carries in her purse. However, I believe her true fashion personality comes across loud and clear by the type of purse she clutches.


Koret handbags have something to suit every fashion persona. The designer bags were founded in 1929 by designer Richard Koret and soon became one of the most prestigious handbag companies of the 20th century. Inspired by the elegant styles and unique vision of Koret, “33rd & MAD” is a collection of contemporary and classically designed handbags, which offer a hint of retro with a modern twist.

This unique collection is feminine, fun, and fashionable…making me totes MAD for this new line!



I am so excited to share with you a glimpse from behind the scenes at the Koret Handbags photo shoot. I had a blast modeling for Koret’s brand new faux leather line, “33rd & MAD,” which will be launching this spring. I will be offering a giveaway from the collection so keep an eye out for that!




photo (11)
photo (1)

What’s inside your bag might tell your story, but let’s be real; we all judge a pocketbook by its cover! That being said, Koret is one you will never want to put down!

What you choose to carry makes you an open book…so make it Koret!

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