You’re Fashion Forecast

On a chilly morning she steps outside, fashionably fearless of the cold wind that has previously whisked her away of all style and grace. Refusing to bundle up in something less than ordinary, she decided she would dress up in something new. Fashionably late, she is dressed in the next fashion now; a cutting edge influential label.

Although, she will never be on time; this trendsetter embraces her breezy effortless winter wardrobe, proving that just because the weather is getting colder you can still keep things hot!…

“Who is she?” you might ask. She is a confident risk taker and an inspiration to all women with her creative cool style. Whether she is making an entrance in a sexy metallic number or mixing it up wearing her textured black dress and tweed jacket, she unknowingly gives us all a chill.

So, what is she wearing? Labworks, an exclusive e-tail only brand sold on  Labworks is a dynamic new contemporary collection which presents exclusive designs not found anywhere else. Target has been known for their affordable and appealing styles; however, the quality of labworks and stylish styles push fashion boundaries while remaining sophisticated; truly a fashion destination online!

A representative from labworks describes the collection as creative, original, and ageless. By mixing and matching the labworks pieces with her existing wardrobe the guest creates perfect looks that fit into her individual style. The labworks spokesperson explains, “The labworks collection doesn’t follow trends, it sets them. New shapes are important to us and this collection showcases some really directional styles including a maxi cardigan, cocoon, mullet hems and cut out back details. We feel strongly about the importance of tactility and have a beautiful eyelash yarn, salt and pepper tweeds and leather trims to elevate and complete the looks. All the styles in labworks have versatility and ease so no matter who she is, where she wonders, or how she wears it, there is something for everyone! ”

Although she is breaking hearts with her sassy style, she knows she doesn’t have to break the bank to look this good because she is wearing labworks, the contemporary chic new line sold exclusively on!

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