Get it while it’s hot…

Are you still shopping for Christmas presents? Have your gifts yet to arrive? Is all this stress giving you the holiday blues? Well, keep those high heels in your hands, swaying in the wind and don’t cry about it, it’s all gonna happen! Until then keep calm and read these sweet sixteen reasons why you’re freaking fantastic.

This is what makes us girls

  1. DIY-L. Whether or not we really do it ourselves, we sure enjoy pinning about it! We will pin the gorgeous yet complicated hairstyles that we can do ourselves, but when it comes down to it, we just love the idea of it all. I think I should create a board DIYL (do it yourself later…much later…)
  2. We like it…a lot! There’s so much to like nowadays. We double tap for Instagram, thumbs up for Facebook, or heart it on Pinterest…& every girl knows the more likes the better.
  3. A dog might be a man’s best friend, but a puppy is a woman’s best fashion accessory. We love our puppies. Screw a purse, a pooch is our true chic companion!! Now only if we could afford a dog walker!


  4. Are you convinced yet? BELIEVE US! If you don’t, we will find a way to show you the proof…who needs a lawyer when you have social media?
  5. We dance with each other and we’re straight. In fact, we probably enjoy dancing with other girls more than guys.
  6. We love to abbreviate. We use our own lingo. “To die for”, “obvi”, “totes”…don’t worry we’ll still give you an earful…just more like the Spark Notes version.
  7. We kiss and tell…haven’t you seen Sex and the City?
  8. Speaking of which, we can’t help but wonder…how the hell did Carrie Bradshaw make enough money to live in Manhattan, lounge in her underwear, write all day, and go to fancy dinners and events at night?! But whatever, let’s just go with it…
  9. Our long Starbucks orders don’t embarrass us. We actually have no shame ordering a “double shot sugar-free vanilla latte, hold the foam and extra hot!” Our long Starbucks order makes us feel kind of fabulous and knowledgeable of our coffee…Plus if they’re going to charge a whopping $5.00 and spell our name wrong on the cup it must be perfect.
  10. We purchase a 4 dollar entertainment magazine. Whether it’s seeing the stars without makeup, celebrity breakup scandals, or fashion malfunctions…these magazines are worth every penny.
  11. We pin big. For example, you probably won’t find a Pinterest board full of inexpensive outfits from Forever 21. Instead, we post clothes by Marc Jacobs and Chanel not just because we love luxury, but because it screams; “I will get this one day, because I am that fabulous and smart damnit” It is also our reminder to keep working hard!
    Are you convinced yet
  12. A friend is our best mirror. “Is there something in my teeth… my nose… how’s my butt look?” When in doubt we rely on our girls to give us reassurance that we still got it.
  13. Guilty as charged. We all have a guilty pleasure that we aren’t necessarily proud of. I confess; I am A Real Housewives addict. The glitz, glam, fashion, and drama are just all too good to give up.
  14. Free makeovers. We love walking into Sephora only to walk out 10 minutes later looking more decorated than a Christmas tree. Hey it’s free…now it’s time to make plans for the night!
  15. To #filter or #nofilter…that is the question. Low-fi… earlybird… sierra. Thank you Instagram for bringing out the artsy (yet indecisiveness) in all of us.
  16. Adventurous, rebellious, and thrill seeking. Hey, bad decisions make for good stories. Enough said!

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