February’s Best Fashion & Food

You saved your appetite for Thanksgiving, your money for Christmas, and a special toast for New Year’s…but the last thing you’ve been thinking about this month is saving the date for Valentine’s Day. Well, fear not this February! Give this month a rich, flavorful update by incorporating forget-me-not pieces into your wardrobe and healthy treats into your diet…DaynaVDay135

Lovey Dovey

Many people associate Valentine’s Day with sweet candy hearts and cliché sayings like “be mine.” Instead of tossing back that cheesy, chalky treat, try indulging in Dove Chocolate. Don’t worry about whether he loves you or love you not, cocoa has anti-aging polyphenols that keep your skin looking gorgeous, which is something everyone loves. Want to show affection to more than just one person this holiday? The Dove website offers fun recipes and products that will make your Valentine’s Day filled with love. The Chocolate Turtle Martini is an easy recipe that anyone would desire. For those who prefer to eat their chocolate, try getting creative with your candy.

I like to think of Dove Chocolate as therapy wrapped in foil. The wrappers have encouraging sayings such as, “Be your own Valentine,” “Take a moment to appreciate others” and “Enjoy the moment.” The delicious chocolate can also create laughs when you personalize the wrappers with funny inside jokes or sayings you and your friends have. Filling a martini glass with a variety of chocolates is an easy way to decorate and entertain while having friends over.

Candy-Coat It

Love is all about feeling warm on the inside. We’ve all committed the crime of purchasing a super chic outfit that we feel sexy in, only to shiver and shake later on in the night…and I don’t mean on the dance floor. Having a guy offer his coat is an adorable gesture, however it’s probably not the sexy look you were going for. While the fuss and the focus might be on the Valentine’s Day dress, you don’t want to cover-up looking frumpy; after all, the coat is the first thing people see you in when you enter the room! Make a sweet statement in an adorable blazer or coat this Valentine’s Day.

20130204_asoslonglineblazerThis pink ASOS Longline Blazer is a great look for the in-between season and the length is perfect to go over your Valentine’s Day ensemble.

Another amazing buy is this
 Calvin Klein Wrap Coat with Notch Collar. The belt on the sophisticated red coat pulls you in at the waist and is definitely a figure flattering one of a kind.

Whether you are a free-bird or “in a relationship” this Valentine’s Day, know that it can be as sweet as the candy that symbolizes it!

Love on the streets