From Red Carpet…To Boardwalk?!


Did you know that the most popular trends you’ve spotted on the red carpet can even be worn in the pool?! Yes, you can effortlessly stay stylish while strutting in the sand.  Celebrities have been wearing the plunging necklines, unpredictable peplums, and sexy cutouts on the red carpet, but who knew we could stay on trend even while we swim! Make a splash this spring break with these chic styles…e9f99c79b9ec803256d8506aa9087a11

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 Get your feet wet this spring break while trying one of these fashion-forward swimsuits, just beware of the major paparazzi you might get by the pool. 

Plunging Necklines:

Pretty Peplum:

Sexy Cutouts:

You may not be walking a red carpet anytime soon, but at least you can look red-hot this spring! 

For more stylish swimwear visit my Pinterest page “Suit Me Up”!

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