Amy Conway: A Woman’s Confidence And Individuality Are Her Best Accessories…

Mirror mirror on the wall, what matters most of all?

Let’s be honest, reflecting our inner beauty and personality to others is what truly matters. For example, why do we wear jewelry? Sure, sparkle certainly adds that special touch to a simple summer dress, but the main reason we all accessorize is to show our individuality. What if I told you that an extremely unique jewelry line would not only help you look more put together, give something back, and reflect your inner beauty as well? Well, that is exactly what Amy Conway’s designs do. They don’t just complete an outfit, they complete you!

The best part of purchasing an Amy Conway creation is that a portion of the revenue generated from all sales is donated to her foundation, Love Truly Matters. It supports organizations that provide services to women and girls around the world including, Girls, Inc., Santa Fe International Folk Art Market, St. Elizabeth Shelter, United Way of Santa Fe Early Learning Center, and the Santa Fe Girls School.

While making a contribution to Amy’s foundation, you are also expressing your inner voice to the world without having to speak. Each piece tells a story and is based on Amy’s artwork that incorporates a deeper more meaningful message. Whether it is, “Be Free In Your Heart To Love Who You Are,” or “Magic Happens In The Open Field Of Endless Possibilities,” every piece has a beautiful meaning behind it.

All of Amy’s creations embrace your fearless, fun and feminine side. Her jewelry stands out among all possible competitors because it’s not just about following a trend, but instead, following your own truth, path and purpose in life. It connects us outwardly to the world and inwardly to ourselves. The Yantra, Simple Truth, and Magic Happens collections highlight our individuality and the love that connects us all while doing something good for someone else.

Embrace who you are and share that with others by wearing Amy Conway Designs…shop now!

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