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8f4a3e400231d9837455c1ad08a7bb7cWho says you can’t break a sweat while staying chic this summer on a first date? Wait; get your head out of the gutter… that’s not my style! Let me explain…

When it comes to styling you can certainly make a statement with this fun workout.  The outdoor activities, bike riding and hiking can increase your heart rate while having a few heart to hearts. But let’s not burn those calories in workout clothes that should’ve been burnt years ago. There are no training wheels when it comes to fashion, but no worries, I won’t let you fall on your face.


No one likes a romance with baggage…but on the other hand, you never know when there might be a moment worth capturing. You don’t want your camera to fall off a cliff because you didn’t take care of it properly. To save yourself from carrying a camera and other items, bring along a fashionable backpack or place a basket on the front of your bike with your belongings in it. Since the real way to a guy’s heart is food, you might also want to pack some yummy snacks and drinks for your trip. 

Choose a cute comfortable backpack from retailers such as Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Madewell, or Tory Burch.

You may not know where this relationship is going…but at least you know your style will be intact!

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