Carrera by Jimmy Choo Capsule Collection Launch Party

After attending the Carrera by Jimmy Choo Capsule Collection Launch Party, I realized that I officially have a heart of gold!

Let’s discuss the fabulous wild panther printed Jimmy Choo sunglasses. I couldn’t help but gush over the 24k gold plated lenses of the Carrera Real Gold Leopard shades. Between the panther print and versatile square frames, these striking sunglasses are the must-have fashion accessory for Fall/Winter 2013.

During the party it was clear that all attendees were salivating over the sleek sunnies. I love myself some cat-eye sunglasses; seriously, we were all animals in a cage! In order to satisfy our insatiable appetites we were served delicious and of course, fashionable food; leopard macaroons and golden chocolate truffles! We washed it down with champagne, rimmed with golden brown sugar.

Here’s an exclusive look inside the bash!