Fashion Flirts Are The Most Frugal

This season, there are so many handbag options available, how’s a girl to settle on just one? We suggest, don’t settle. Now is the time to be a total fashion flirt. They say love doesn’t last forever, but the truth is, we are all constantly evolving. The same holds true when it comes to fashion. As consumers, we are always keeping our eyes open for the next best thing. A word of advice, invest in this season’s top swoon worthy statement bags that are great quality yet reasonably priced. Just like relationships, trends come and go. Therefore, don’t invest your entire paycheck into something that might not last long term.

  1. Don’t fake it! We’ve all been there, shopping in Chinatown to purchase that knockoff designer bag we clearly can’t afford in this lifetime. Unless you have an impressive poker face when asked if it’s real, maybe it’s best not to fake it.
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  2. Explore all of your options.  Go after something you truly want but is still within your budget. Although shopping for the perfect handbag can be quite the work out, settling is not an option. Think about it, would you rather be on the treadmill after work or on the hunt for something you love?
  3. If it seems too good to be true…it probably is. Don’t be blindsided by “love letters” and coupons!
  4. Do what feels right on the inside, not what looks good on the outside. Buy it because you love it, not just because it “looks good” on your arm.

So ladies, if you’ve been using the same handbag for years, perhaps it’s time for an annulment. Even a simple separation, would allow you to experience all the wonderful new options out there! Yes, your bag might hold all your secrets, but let’s face it; you need to keep all your options open. You never know what other trends might come your way!







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