25 Days Of Fabulous; Now Twirl.

 Your 25 Days Of Fabulous… Real Housewives Approved.

  1. Make your fingernails festive this month! Get into the Christmas spirit by painting your nails with designs such as, candy-canes, a snowman, and snowflakes!(update regularly of course) image
  2. Give yourself a Christmas hair mask for soft, shiny hair. Try coconut oil on the ends of your hair before hopping into the shower. Let it sit in your hair for about 20 minutes then rinse.
  3. Create your own Christmas facial. Try something simple like a peppermint tea toner followed by an oatmeal honey and cinnamon mask. A Real Housewife Reaction Gif For Every Situation
  4. Baby its cold outside, enjoy a hot bath! The cold weather can make our skin scaly and cracked.Glamour Magazine suggests indulging in a milk bath! It’s a wonderful way to warm up and get silky smooth skin.RHOBH_GIF
  5. Dreaming of a white Christmas? Whiten your teeth! Celebrity beauty expert, Louisa Maccan-Graves claims that the malic acid in strawberries helps whiten teeth. Try this natural remedies by mashing up strawberries and rubbing some of this mixture onto your teeth. Leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing with water. Believe it or not, the fiber in strawberries actually acts as a natural cleaner and removes bacteria from our teeth.
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  6. DIY Christmas body scrub! Philosophy has some great Christmas inspired body washes and scrubs but why not create your own body recipe for relaxation?! Try this peppermint recipe or this holiday recipe! You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how many ingredients you already have in your kitchen such as peppermint tea and brown sugar.
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  7. Ho, Ho, Hot Hairdo’s! If you don’t want to fully commit to a new hair cut try these simple hairstyles! These looks are easy, gorgeous, and still appropriate for an interview or a day at the office.
  8. Do a light Christmas cleanse. I know what you’re thinking, “that’s no gift for the holiday!” However, cleansing doesn’t have to make you feel like the Grinch. Try drinking peppermint and ginger teas regularly. Peppermint tea helps eliminate toxins from the body and can be used for a light colon cleanse.
  9. “A crowded room and friends with tired eyes…” Sleep in without feeling guilty! Staying up late and not getting beauty rest can cause the skin to look dull, puffy, and tired.
  10. Still have those tired eyes? Bright, bold lips can draw more attention on your luscious glossy lips rather than your tired eyesimage
  11. Have yourself a merry little exchange party! Throw a wardrobe exchanging party. Have your girlfriends bring some pieces in their closet that they love but they no longer wear because of their size or style change.
  12. Volunteer.Help out by serving to the community at a local soup kitchen.
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  13. Bring joy to the world! Donate clothes and even old magazines. Many people will appreciate reading them in the waiting room regardless of how old they might be.
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  14. Make fabulous gingerbread houses! Have your friends over and create unique gingerbread houses that represent your own individual style.image
  15. Enjoy aromatherapy oils. Choose a holiday scent you love to get you into the spirit of the season while relieving stress and tension. Peppermint oil can arouse your mental sharpness, reduce headaches, relieve congestion and digestive issues, and heal aches and pains.
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  16. Create a healthier cocktail. In the past my friend Lauren and I tried mixing about 3 oz of our favorite vodka with Kombucha instead of soda or other sugary drinks, saving us about 100 calories. G.T.’s Kombucha drinks are made with raw Kombucha, and other fresh press juices and probiotics to nourish your body from the inside out.
  17. Decorate your space. Decorate your desk at the office or change your screen saver to get yourself in the jolly Christmas spirit! real housewives of miami real housewives gif
  18. Pick out your outfits the night before.  Just laying out one outfit each night can save you the time and stress in the morning.
  19. A silent night. A silent night. Enjoy a relaxing quite night to yourself. Turn off the phone, get off Facebook and get that alone time you deserve. Everyone needs a private moment of solitude to read, write, or just zen!
  20. Create a Christmas playlist. Make a Xmas playlist on your iPod to hold onto that Christmas cheer during times road rage is about to kick in! If you’re at the office and need background music, choose a Pandora Christmas station!don't be tardy for the party gif
  21. Season’s greetings! “Merry Christmas, I wrapped it up and sent it, with a note saying ‘I love you’, I meant it” Skip the texts, the e-mails, the Facebook message….send a real Christmas card, it means more!
  22. DIY Christmas gifts. Personalize wine bottle, glasses, coffee mugs, or ornaments for your friends and family.
  23. Get your picture taken with Santa! Ok, so maybe it’s a bit silly…but a picture with Santa and friends can be a fun …or can you say new Facebook profile pic?!real housewives of orange county gif
  24. Make it a memorable Christmas! Travel and take lots of pictures and videos with family and friends to make the holidays special and unforgettable.
  25. “May your days be merry and bright.” No one is an angel 24/7, but come on no one likes a Scrooge either. A helpful positive attitude is contagious during the holidays and will make you look and feel that much more fabulous!

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