Pinky Ok, Barbie No Way

Valentine’s Day is considered the holiday of love and acceptance; hence I am going to be completely vulnerable here.This is a story that can’t be fully understood on Instagram. It is a hashtag-free gift to myself that doesn’t require that “double tap” for approval, filter to enhance, and certainly isn’t a short 140 characters for just a tweet. So here we go…

Growing up my family used to call me, “Pinky” because of my feminine style and overall love for anything pink. Later to my surprise, a new nickname was given to me by my peers, “Barbie.” Skinny, blonde, and shiny were all words referenced to my appearance as well. Adolescence is one of the most difficult times in a young girl’s life, and although I never had acne or braces, this name caused me much insecurity. I was a firm believer in only surrounding yourself with those who are going to lift you higher, but I didn’t always have that choice since I went to a small high school and college.

For instance, I would share my passion for writing and dreams for the future and most of the time people would give me that awkward blank stare as if I was living in some Barbie dream house. Soon followed a fake “that’s great…” only to later suggest that I should focus on my modeling career. I have come to realize that people can’t always lift you higher because your dreams are too heavy for them to handle.

I found that being called a Barbie was not only judging my appearance, but comparing, or categorizing me as someone who is self-absorbed and only cares about mindless and superficial things. While I certainly love heels, stilettos, and wedges, there is definitely more that inspires me other than the shoe department. Therefore within my articles, I often try to incorporate a meaningful message by writing about brands that giveback or interviewing inspirational celebrities and female entrepreneurs. 

Life is truly a journey, and I have come to the conclusion that no one can devalue what I’m worth in this world. Therefore, I won’t change who I am just to prevent being viewed as a “typical blonde” because I know I’m much more than that. I will continue to go follow my dream, have fun with fashion without the fear of being compared to a doll, and without the need of having a “Ken” by my side.    

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14 thoughts on “Pinky Ok, Barbie No Way

  1. Dayna: This is so absolutely beautiful.. the photos, the article.. everything! So truly inspiring and uplifting. The best thing I love about this is how confident you are in the pictures as well as your writing. Keep it up girl! Let’s get together soon to talk bloggies!

  2. I am so glad that you are not letting other, smaller people determine who you are and what you should focus upon. May your work and your courage inspire a generation.

    • Thank you so much Veronica. I hope other women know that they have the ability to reach for the stars rather than just reaching 20 “likes” on a selfie Instagram shot… My generation has become a little too focus on how we look that they lose sight of themselves and what matters most!

  3. Love this look. The skirt is gorgeous. You’re right, it doesn’t matter who people say you are, as long as YOU know who you are. I’m a firm believer in only surrounding yourself with people who lift you higher as well. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks Jenny!! Exactly. As long as we feel comfortable in our own skin and are being true to ourselves then nobody’s false judgments really matter!
      Ps. The skirt is from Ted Baker ;)

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