Cleavage Confessions:

I didn’t just hit puberty, and I’m not 13 anymore, but there is always that awkward moment when going lingerie shopping. While shopping for new bras at Victoria’s Secret I couldn’t help but blush more than once. Don’t get me wrong, I am confident about my body, but there are times I prefer my privacy! Here’s why…


 1. Overhearing your intimate conversations while you’re picking out your intimates.

Standing next to a couple picking out scandalous lingerie is kind of awkward enough; I don’t need to overhear how sexy this will look on you and how your night is going to play out.

2. Having to squeeze and touch the cups of the bra to make sure it’s just the right amount of padding.

Squeezing the cups to make sure it’s right for you is a must. Is it jelly, or padded? Under-wire, or no under-wire? Lined, or unlined? I leave the store having squeezed about 20 bras before getting my hands on the right one for me.

3. While I wanted to go a little undercover about my choice of padding and under-wire, it seems like nothing is left a secret at Victoria’s Secret.

The saleswoman in the fitting room enjoyed announcing my size and the salesman ringing me up notices I decided to go with the bra that makes my breast appear 2 sizes bigger…I act coy as I hand him the cash.

As I leave the store I realized that it’s clear this cleavage has been exposed in more ways than one…but at least now everyone at the mall can stare at my VS bag and wonder what’s inside!

2 thoughts on “Cleavage Confessions:

  1. Oh, I rarely see my cleavage, darn it. so every time i buy a bra, i always choose the extremely padded ones. haha.

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