Flashy Flash Drives

It’s Cinco De Mayo and right now you probably have only two things on your mind: tequila and guacamole. If you’re like me, I’m sure you can’t wait till the clock hits 5 and you can prance out the door with your invisible sombrero on. Unfortunately, we’re all still here…working and waiting.Wino at work

Sometimes at the end of the day when I have lost that caffeine kick that has sustained me throughout the afternoon, I might just lose my train of thought. I am sure we’ve all had a delirious moment when we forget to save our work. Now, I ALWAYS make sure I save everything; how could I forget when I am using a fancy USB.

Crystal ClearI love fashion, but I’ve accepted the fact that you can’t take the nerd out of the Fashionista. Check out my favorite flashy flash-drives below or view my Pinterest Board to start shopping for the ones you like.

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