Pleats & Plaid

Oops, it’s happened again! That plaid pleated skirt we loved on Britney Spears in the Baby One More Time videoIggy Azalea’s Fancy outfit, and of course, the movie Clueless. Now, the trend has a modern modest twist. As a former private school girl, I would take cover from THOSE teachers who would always notice my skirt was too short and that my lip-gloss was perfectly applied. Needless to say, I never saw those lip-glosses again. However, I did see plenty of rulers back then. “It’s 2 inches above the knee BECAUSE I’M TALL!” (That and because it’s rolled up…)

This was basically my life from 7-12th grade…7037007_origWhen a teacher came up behind me: “SHIT, SHIT, SHIT!”


“Its really not that short and its chap stick!”


After school detention: “Hi Mom, can you pick me up after school?”


“Longest day ever…”


Out of detention: “Keep the lip-gloss bitches.”

 Those days you couldn’t pay me to walk the halls in a long skirt, but now I am down to drop major cash for a pleated plaid midi skirt. The midi skirt is a tad higher than a maxi but long enough to prevent the prude from loosing their shit. Katy Perry, Jessica Alba, and Ariana Grande are just a few of the many celebs who have been sporting this trend. Get the fashion-forward look with these skirts below or visit my Pinterest board for more. 

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