Make It Rain

Wake up, turn on the news… and there it is… 75% chance of rain. There goes that sexy mini and pumps you had laid out for yourself last night. Oh and that suede jacket- forget it. But before I get you get all gloomy, promise there’s a rainbow at the end of this unexpected forecast. Yup, start practicing your pitch because these fashion finds are about to make you sing in the rain…

 take cover

From the top left:  Polka Dot Umbrella // Kate Spade Rain Check // Lulu Guinness Kensington Lips Umbrella // Ruffled Leopard Travel Umbrella // Rose & Dot Ruffled Umbrella // Digital Fox Print Umbrella // Kate Spade Stripe Umbrella // Pink & Cream Vintage Umbrella


From the top left: Dolce Vita Verily Booties // Leclé Ankle Boot // Actually Cute Boots
Ted Baker Elanera // Salvatore Ferragamo Rain Boots // Victoria bronze chelsea boots
Studded Rubber Boots // Michael Kors Moto Boots // Kate Spade Sedgewick boots

 Stay dry, keep warm, and shine on. Flood your fashion closets with these rainy day necessities. Boots…umbrella- check! Make it rain.

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