You’re Not Taylor Swift. Put The Mic Down.

I was never a HUGE Taylor Swift fan, but I have to admit, I love her latest album. Mainly because it’s basically the story of my life…or at least this past year. It’s as though Taylor and I were bff and she spilt all my secrets on the 1989 album.  But, as much as I relate to her music, I try not to quote her songs on social media.

Here’s why if you have a “Blank Space” underneath your Instagram picture or Twitpic you should probably just come up with your own caption. 

1. Using lyrics to get real answers. You’re not going to find any answers by tweeting, “are we out of the woods yet?” Most likely he’s going to think you went hiking and got lost.

tumblr_lx06bl622c1qlyqom2. Tweeting how much you love him, then how much you hate him. This morning was all, “Sparks Fly” and tonight there’s “Bad Blood?” You kinda just look like a crazy bitch.tumblr_ngctp57tKX1rqu86vo2_500

3. Posting a very seriously selfie on Instagram. Sure, he was “Mean”, but let’s not get all emo about it. Nobody double taps for depressing captions and cryptic filters.

79364-taylor-swift-I-just-want-to-fe-yT7j4. Quoting how much you’ve grown since you were together. Uhhh…You guys were dating for a month and just broke up last week.

tumblr_m81bm2yaQj1qmom57o1_5005. Social media doesn’t create a fairy tale. What was that post even for?! Attention? Maybe some likes, comments, re-tweets?…Followed up with a phone call, knock at the door and OMG there he is!?! Girl please, life isn’t a Taylor Swift music video.


So ladies, lets not ruin another great song because of a messy relationship. Whatever you decide to share, just leave Swift out of it.