Pinky To Posh launched in 2010 when I started the first fashion column for my college newspaper. I started writing as a way to escape the excessive partying and drinking that took place at my school. College is supposed to be one of the greatest times in your life, however it was probably one of my darkest. Now, I look back and feel it’s somewhat beautiful how my anxiety and loneliness lead to discover my passion for writing. If it wasn’t following my gut and saying, “this isn’t for me”, even if that meant I wouldn’t have many friends, I probably wouldn’t have this blog right now. So for that, I am forever grateful for my college experience.

About a year ago, I realized that writing about fashion and beauty wasn’t fulfilling, therefore I decided to take a year off until I was ready to reframe the purpose of Pinky To Posh.  In college and a few years after I was told by many of my peers AND professors that my blog didn’t have enough photos and if I wanted to make it as a fashion blogger I would need to show off my style. Sure, that makes sense, but posing in front of the camera never came natural to me and I didn’t want the blog to be about myself, rather inspire others how to look good and feel good—do they really need to see where I got my skinny jeans from?! I had a few photoshoots and while it was fun, I felt that I would rather be writing about something more meaningful and relatable. I have to say, I give fashion bloggers A LOT of credit! They live and breath fashion and it’s not as easy as it looks. You have to really love that industry and follow it religiously, and I don’t.

I should’ve seen this sooner when my favorite article in my school newspaper was “Recovering the Morning After”, which was supposed to be titled, How To Make The Walk of Shame Look Cute (but that didn’t go over well) and my favorite blog post is “To The Guy I Was Sleeping With” which made my family not speak to me for about a week (sorry grandma) but is still the most visited blog post to date. It’s posts like this that I hope make a different to someone. I get more joy knowing that hopefully I am making someone laugh, smile or learn from my mistakes rather than showing them my outfit of the day.

So there you have it! Welcome to my lifestyle blog—a site that focuses on the positive but doesn’t sugarcoat the crazy, hard times in my life, in all of our lives. Enjoy!

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