Springs Best Shopping Study-hall Break

This is a gentle reminder for those of us who tend to procrastinate…and those who don’t…

We are nearing the midpoint of our Spring Semester which is typically a pivotal time of year when some of us realize they actually enrolled in an online class, while in contrast, there are others  who continue to pull all-nighters in James A. Cannavino Library slaving away for that very same class.  

We all have our own way of coping with college pressure and despite our variations regarding our personal study habits, there is one thing we all have in common during this time of year, our desire to go “Splurge Shopping!” Let’s face it, when we are stressed it’s only natural to take it out on our debit card and relieve that tension with a little retail therapy.  Fortunately, Fashionology takes away the hassle of hiking to the Poughkeepsie Galleria by allowing us to take a shopping study-hall break right outside the Fashion Department in Donnelly Hall.

Don’t feel any pangs of guilt if you are shopping for yourself, as a matter of fact; it is all for a good cause, you are supporting a business as well as the designers. Fashionology is a class where students have the opportunity to learn hands on what being a designer/buyer truly entails in the business world.  Lydia Biskup is not just the student’s teacher; she is their boss and accompanies them into NYC to purchase the latest accessories and goods to sell at Fashionology. This unique class is split into separate teams which makes the business even more successful. Senior Allisyn Abrams stated, “It’s not just buying and selling merchandise. We research trends, understand and analyze all financial and account aspects, visual merchandising, manage sales associates and schedules, increase awareness through marketing, promotions and events, and even more. There is a great deal of effort that goes on “behind the scenes” that makes this business successful. I learned the importance of communication and organization between all the people and teams in each area of the business.”

Ultimately, this is where a fashion student can utilize everything they have learned from previous classes and apply it to a successful business.  Fashionology also encourages all majors on campus to participate in showcasing their designs to be sold as well. Your purchase will be a way of giving back to a fellow classmate and possibly encourage them to continue to explore and ultimately uncover their hidden creative talents. 

Now let me address the cosmetic end of the spectrum of this stressful time of year; between the continuous typing, biting, and breaking of my nails, you would think I worked in construction by the look of my fingertips.  I am more than well aware, that looking polished starts there, and when those nails look good you feel good.  That being said, although Fashionology can’t take all the pressure out of your hands, it can certainly make those hardworking fingertips look like a work of art! I was happy to hear Fashion Merchandising senior, Hannah Magargel, member of the special events team for Fashionology, suggest the “must have” remedy items this spring for those issues.  They included magnetic nail polishes, nail accessory kits, along with amazing statement necklaces, which ultimately take the focus away from our fingertips… Hence, problem solved!  Allisyn Abram claims “The necklaces are very versatile, as you can wear them with a simple t-shirt, or a dress. We definitely research and keep up to date with current trends for our buys. However; we also incorporate some unique items into the mix that we think might influence new trends on campus. In addition to the merchandise the buyers purchase for Fashionology, our consignment merchandise made by student designers also adds a ton of creativity to our assortment.”  From belts, bracelets and rings to fragrances, clothing, and scarves, Fashionology is sure to entice even the biggest procrastinator not to wait until the last minute to explore this unique boutique.

 So whether you are a fashion, business, or a political science major, you deserve a “pat on theback” purchase this week…

Indulge your senses and renew your spirit by attending the

Grand Opening of Fashionology this Thursday, March 1st from 10:30am-5:30pm!