4 Fails in June

Marnie was, and still is a total roller coaster on the HBO show, Girls. We all know when she claims to be “okay”, girlfriend is sooo not okay. Marnie and I both do this thing where we put on our happy face and hold things in. I’m fully aware of this now because I realized I am indeed this character on Girls. Sooner or later, we burn ourselves out when we do this. Case and point, my semi breakdown this week that totally screwed up all the goals I put into place this month. However, unlike Marnie, I see that I might’ve pushed myself too hard to escape my emotions. Therefore, I feel zero guilt for these 4 epic fails this June

FAIL #1: Start a healthier diet
This past Wednesday I was grocery shopping and saw the most adorbs 4th of July cupcakes and figured I’d bring them to the office for the girls along with a bottle of wine. I told my bestie, Olivia who lives in NYC, about my sweet gesture but naturally she calls me out saying, “Dayna, you don’t even eat cupcakes!?!” And I thought, “Well, I can’t just bring wine, can I?” Anyways, she was right. I don’t do cupcakes. Or brownies. Or anything unhealthy really because I’m a freak who was once gluten-free and enjoyed juice cleanses (bless my 19-year-old self).

That night I wanted something delish after dinner and usually a piece of dark chocolate does the trick but the little bastards were looking at me and I couldn’t resist their cuteness. I tried to look away and think about the healthy new diet I decided to get back into this month. But, low and behold, I guess I fucking eat cupcakes now. 

The next morning my coworker, Annie, noticed my blue tongue and said, “cupcakes for breakfast?..” But hell this is coming from a girl who eats string cheese like it’s her job so… Needless to say the cupcakes and wine didn’t make it to the office this week.

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5 Things I Noticed When I Moved to LA

One night while binge watching Laguna Beach and The Hills I started thinking about the interesting differences between NYC and LA. It hasn’t been hard adjusting to the amazing weather, great food (sushi and tacos everyday please) and friendly neighbors. However, there are still a few things that I’m taken back by. Let me know if you agree…

1. Everyone is pretty. And I mean like really pretty. Uber driver, gorgeous. FedEx guy, stunning. Homeless person, kinda hot?


2. My first month here I wondered why it was just me and the homeless hottie on the streets. Ohhhhh… because people don’t walk! They do however go hiking 10+ miles in their free time. Yeah, I think I’ll stick to my brisk walks to Pinkberry and Starbs, catch you later!
3. Everyone wants to be your BFF when you have a pet. When you don’t, you better hope your hair or outfit is on point cause bitches won’t notice you anymore. (Kidding… Sort of)

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You’re Not Taylor Swift. Put The Mic Down.

I was never a HUGE Taylor Swift fan, but I have to admit, I love her latest album. Mainly because it’s basically the story of my life…or at least this past year. It’s as though Taylor and I were bff and she spilt all my secrets on the 1989 album.  But, as much as I relate to her music, I try not to quote her songs on social media.

Here’s why if you have a “Blank Space” underneath your Instagram picture or Twitpic you should probably just come up with your own caption. 

1. Using lyrics to get real answers. You’re not going to find any answers by tweeting, “are we out of the woods yet?” Most likely he’s going to think you went hiking and got lost.

tumblr_lx06bl622c1qlyqom2. Tweeting how much you love him, then how much you hate him. This morning was all, “Sparks Fly” and tonight there’s “Bad Blood?” You kinda just look like a crazy bitch.tumblr_ngctp57tKX1rqu86vo2_500

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Hermès Autumn-Winter Launch Party

On 691 Madison Avenue, the unveiling of the Hermes Autumn/Winter Shoe Collection showcased a unique shopping experience for its customers. The exclusive cocktail party celebrated the stunning new collection with a fun shoe cam, munchies and drinks, while many women couldn’t wait till fall to start shopping! The handsome Hermes waiters provided guests with mini tacos, grilled cheese, and other fancy bites… all were delicious (waiters included). I loved the burgundy red touches in the collection, a popular color/trend for Fall/Winter 2014. Enjoy this inside look from the event!

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Best Pool Party Ever.

So you have the perfect bathing suit and shades to match…ready to throw the ultimate pool party?! Just in time for the 4th of July, gather your besties and enjoy dancing to a hot playlist and playing around in the pool. Here are some unique poolside purchases that you just gotta have this summer!

Foodie Floats:
ModCloth Quirky Donut Pool Float
Sweet Treat Yo Self Pool Float
Swimline Watermelon Slice Inflatable Raft

Sip & Splash:
Floating Palm Island Drink Holder
GoPong Pool Party Barge Floating Beer Pong Table
 Inflatable Pink Flamingo Coasters

Digital Deep End:
Dandy Case Waterproof Case

Nikon – Coolpix 10.1 Megapixel Compact Camera
Vivitar DVR-850W Underwater Recorder

Lay Down On Luxury:
The New Yorker Dropped Call Towel

Son Of a Beach’ Cotton Beach Towel
Hello Sunshine Beach Towel

4thofjulypicFor more pool party essentials check out my Pinterest Board!

The Summer Smooch

When it comes to my beauty secrets, I will always kiss and tell. Lip-gloss is a powerful weapon; a wand that can help you seduce, shine, and ultimately feel fabulous. A light gloss is all you need for a trip to the beach or those lazy summer days. I have to admit, I’m not a huge lip-gloss or lipstick girl but when I do take the time to apply, I feel a little more sexy and vibrant. Just a little bit and you’re ready to sparkle and shine this summer!


Turkish Delight // Chihuahua // Giza // Orgasm

WILD FIRE: Smoking Smashbox

 Azalea Bright Pink Fuchsia // Disco Rose Rich Rose // Legendary True Red

SEX ON THE BEACH: Lancome Lover

Rose Des Nymphes // Rose Contre Temps // Rose Attrape Coeur // Rose Deau

TANNING TOPLESS: Bronzed Bobbi Brown

High Shimmer in Canary // High Shimmer in Beach // Chocolate Raspberry

Click here to listen to The Summer Smooch playlist on Spotify!

Amy Conway Mantra Collection Launch Party

Myself with Designer Amy Conway and Stassi Schroeder
The Mantra Collection
On April 23, 2014 Amy Conway launched her new Mantra Collection in New York City. There, at 87 Mercer Street, friends, family and press gathered together at Amy’s store to celebrate her Spring 2014 Collection. This collection was built around words that inspire others, soothe their soul during troubled times and ultimately make them smile.  There was without a doubt a lot of smiling and laughter going on during this the event. I believe the powerful Mantra Collection had something to do with that.

In Sanskrit, the literal meaning of mantra is, “instrument of thought.” A mantra is a word or phrase that has significance to a person. When it is repeated regularly, it is believed that the meaning of the word will become embedded in one’s consciousness. As you already know, Amy has created a movement in the fashion world with her influential jewelry and scarf designs. Her Mantra Collection features words that reveal our inner truth and touch our soul. The words “Magic” and “Love” are just a couple wonderful self-reminders that can help someone practice positive thinking. What words do you hold close to your heart?

Dayna Vasilik, Stassi Schroeder

We all have the ability to communicate the power of love; and with Mother’s Day right around the corner, there is no better way to spread that message than with a beautiful piece from Amy’s Mantra Collection. The party may be over, but the celebration of life and love continues on.love on butterfly

The FabFitFun VIP Box

When you sign up for the FabFitFun VIP Box you receive full-size premium products delivered 4 times per year. If you’re looking for the best beauty, fitness, fashion, and wellness finds, then this box is for you! I recently received the Spring Edition VIP Box and it honestly felt like Christmas morning.  Although I loved everything in the box, I have to say the chips, primer, stability ball, and exfoliating mitt were my favorite things in the Box…check out my review below!

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