Stassi Schroeder Serves Up A Reality Check

Remember all the dished up drama from Bravo’s reality TV show, Vanderpump Rules? Although there wasn’t any table flipping like we’ve seen on The Real House Wives Of New Jersey, the tables turned once Stassi Schroeder made the decision to excuse herself from Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant, Sur, and therefore leaving the hit show (can you say, check please?!)  Well, I recently caught up with the Fashionista and had my very own reality check. While chatting at the cozy cafe, The Smile, on the Lower East Side, Stassi shared with me how taking a leap of faith and being courageous can result in true happiness. Her move to New York to focus on her new fashion venture had her smiling from ear–to-ear.

How has the transition been for you moving from Los Angeles to New York?
It has been really nice and only solidifies my choice to be here instead of LA.  I have found that New Yorkers are super friendly and open minded, so it hasn’t been difficult to meet new people. It has been so much easier than I imagined it would be to make new friends and develop business relationships.  I also love being downtown, walking to SoHo and creating new experiences!

Can you describe your typical day?
I wouldn’t say that I necessarily have a routine; maybe just a morning schedule that I follow. Since I am now on my boyfriend’s schedule I wake up around 7:30am, catch up on my favorite fashion blogs and then hit the gym for about an hour. My afternoons are usually spent running errands and meeting with different designers and accessory brands. I consider each day to be a new adventure, and don’t have any expectations as I did when I was living in California. I don’t know what lies ahead, but right now I am in the midst of developing my own blog and am very excited about that.

 You seem in such a good place right now. Is it due to your new relationship?
Being in such a healthy and normal relationship makes it easy to be happy. My boyfriend, Patrick, has helped me realize what I am worth and that I deserve happiness. Being with him has helped me find myself, and I am now in this amazing city where I feel very much at home.  I am also finally doing what I have always wanted to do, which is so refreshing, since in Cali I didn’t have all the opportunities that I have now living in NY.

How has your beauty routine changed since moving to New York?
Well, the biggest change has to be that I cut my hair short and have recently found different ways to style it. I am finally getting used to that major change. Also, when it comes to a beauty routine, I have to say my skin is so dry in NY that I definitely need to moisturize much more often than I used to in LA.

What beauty tips do you swear by to get bikini ready for Spring/Summer?
The detox wrap you saw me get on Vanderpump Rules takes about an hour and afterwards you feel like you just had a great work out. It’s so insanely hot and really hard to sit through; but in the end, it’s so worth it. You lose so much water weight; it’s truly euphoric and feels like you spent the day at a spa. Something else I swear by is…SPRAY TANNING! I used to spray tan once a week or 2-3 times a month when I was living in LA, but when I moved here, I realized that people don’t really go tanning. So, I didn’t spray tan for two months, and then I finally gave in and went hunting for a Mystic Tan. Now I feel I am myself just living in NY. I brought the California girl to New York. So to answer your question, definitely get yourself a spray tan…and maybe a good wax!

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A Contest + Cattwalk= An Interview With Catt Sadler

Great fashion taste on E! News and the red carpet, Catt Sadler always offers a spoonful of reasons to be following her journey on the cattwalk. However, Catt recently dished to me about the ProgressOh! Makeover Contest. This competition will celebrate the weight management journey of three deserving Progresso fans. You can take part in the selection process, but time is running out. So read on to find out what’s cooking with Catt and this fabulous contest!I love how this contest doesn’t just focus on losing weight, or getting skinny, but rather shines the spotlight on having women feel healthy and confident in their own skin. What made you want to get involved in the ProgressOh! Makeover Contest?

Just that, this is all about pampering the everyday woman. We are celebrating all of their accomplishments whether it is taking care of their heath or their individual weight management journey. We will be offering the winners a complete makeover while giving them the opportunity to feel like a celebrity. I am really thrilled to be a part of this.

How has Progresso changed your diet and lifestyle?

It’s helped me maintain my healthy lifestyle. The honest truth is, I like to pride myself on being a pretty healthy individual, so I am very careful about what I put into my body and how I take care of myself. It’s really helped me plan ahead because like so many women I am very busy. This sometimes results in not eating right or overeating. I plan ahead and have Progresso Soups at arm’s length from my dressing room at E! It’s my safety easy go-to food because it’s less than 100 calories, taste great, and doesn’t require a ton of preparation.

That’s a great point. I can definitely see how these soups help people eat healthier. Do you feel they are beneficial for children as well?

Absolutely! In our country we have a huge obesity epidemic, with kids in particular, and a lot of it is due to their lifestyle. We all struggle with trying to balance children, jobs, and relationships. That’s why so many people just end up stopping at a fast food place when they are pressed for time. Progresso Soups not only satisfy busy moms, but can also be part of a healthy go to meal for children. It’s super easy so there’s no excuse to continue making those unhealthy and impulsive meal choices.

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The Queen of Effortless Chic: Interview with Daisy Lewellyn

Blood Sweat and Heels, Daisy Lewellyn, on Discounts, Dresses and of course…Drama!

Style expert and author, Daisy Lewellyn is one of the sassy spitfires on the hit new Bravo series, Blood, Sweat and Heels. She dished to me about discounts, dresses, and of course, drama. Although she has always turned heads, it’s Daisy’s strong sense of self and kind heart that makes her a standout. You will Fall Head Over Heels for this “Queen of Effortless Chic!”

Your real name is Lauren Lewellyn. When and why did you change your name to Daisy?

While growing up, I never followed the crowd; I always wanted to be unique and different. While speaking with my girlfriend one day before we left home to attend Howard University in Washington, D.C., I said “You know what, I want a different name.”  She said she was thinking the same thing. I changed my name to Daisy because I absolutely LOVED Drew Barrymore… and she loved daisies! My girlfriend changed her name to Love. We never filed legal paperwork; this was purely an impulsive move that just took off. At school, we would introduce ourselves to our classmates and professors as Love and Daisy. No one ever questioned us.  Before I knew it, everyone on the East Coast knew me only as, Daisy. Once I started working bi-coastal, I knew the name “Daisy” was here to stay!

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Interview with Leah Jenner

Harmonious Life Advice from Musician Leah Jenner

Everyone has their own unique voice in this world. We might not all be holding a microphone in our hand, but Leah Jenner shares how we have the power to take the stage in our own life and be 100% happy with who we are. Life can be a little off-beat sometimes, but we are constantly evolving, learning, and heyit ain’t so bad!  Leah’s inspiring message is a melody we should all listen to-on repeat. So press play, this woman has something awesome to say!

Photo Credit: Hillary Cramer

Photo Credit: Hillary Cramer

You and Brandon were raised in families that were in the public eye. Have they been supportive of your choice to pursue a career in the music industry?  

Absolutely, they have been so supportive. My dad is such a successful musician. To be honest, I didn’t even realize that until I was 11 years old. He always had his guitars all over the house and just told me that he was a musician. One night, I remember him coming into my room to tuck me in and said that things were going to change a little bit and that he was going to be on the road and out of town for a while.

I also remember the first night he appeared at The Staple Center.  He took me backstage and showed me around. During the show, I was actually able to see from the wings the lights shining on him while the audience was screaming. It was such an amazing moment, especially since I never realized that was what his career entailed.  My dad is the type of man that is very low-key about his accomplishments. He has his priorities in check and always encourages the people around him. I appreciate the great values he has instilled in me, and I believe Brandon and I had the same kind of experience growing up.

On the last season of Keeping up with the Kardashians, you expressed your fear of having a lack of privacy being famous. You also mentioned that so many people lose sight of themselves and forget what truly matters in life. Do you still have those feelings and concerns? How do you deal with them head on?

On that episode it was something I had to go through to see what it was like to come out the other side. I would have to say, I am so overwhelmed from the amount of love I’ve gotten in response to being on the show and doing that episode. It really opened my eyes as to how many loving, CARING and amazing people there are on the planet and how much they like to express their love. All of my worries have been put to rest. It’s really been an incredible experience.

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Billy Joel Making Concert History at Madison Square Garden

And it’s not even his Birthday…Well actually, it is. Madison Square Garden has announced five Joel concerts for 2014, starting Jan. 27th. The venue previously put on sale four dates, Feb. 3, March 21, and April 18, to which they added one date at a press conference for May 9th, Joel’s 65th birthday.

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Styled To Rock: Interview With Designer Ebony White

Indie fashion designer, Ebony White, is featured on Rihanna’s new series, “Styled to Rock,” on Bravo. This series is a fashion competition including mentors to help guide the competing designers through the competition process.  They include pop singers, Rihanna and Pharrell Williams.  Also part of the mentoring  team are model, Erin Wasson, as well as, Mel Ottenburg.   Ebony was hand-picked by the influential superstar herself, Rihanna, and has the chance of a lifetime. The contestants have the opportunity to design for a different celebrity in each episode.  The winner of the competition will be featured in Glamour Magazine, have the opportunity to work with Rihanna’s design team, in addition to winning $100,000 for all their hard work!!!!

Ebony has 15 years of experience in the fashion industry.  She has worked for brands as diverse as DKNY, Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, Levi’s, Catherine Malandrino, Emanuel Ungaro, and Juicy Couture.  Her designs have been featured in numerous publications both online and off, from Elle Magazine to and have been worn by celebrities and sold in stores internationally.

Designer, Ebony White, shares deets from Rihanna’s show and why she ROCKS!

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Interview with Kristin Cavallari


During MAGIC Market Week in Las Vegas, Kristin Cavallari debuted her Fall and Spring shoe collection for Chinese Laundry. The 26-year-old promoted her collection at FN Platform Trade Show and chatted with me a little about the line…



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Miss Limitless Lewis

Damaris Lewis has proven to be more than just a pretty face. Although this Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model appeared in the Kayne West music video, Monster, models for numerous designers and danced with actor, Bradley Cooper, in the movie, Limitless, she has found time to share her positive philosophy about life to help children reach their goals.
At the Garden Of Dreams Foundation Talent Show, Lewis discussed with me how our lives are limitless and we are all capable of doing much more
than we ever dreamed of…
What do you love most about the Garden Of Dreams Foundation?
“Well, I instantly gravitated to this foundation once I heard the name was, “Garden Of Dreams”. This is one of the very few charities out there that stays true to what they stand for, making dreams come true for children. It is literally a dream come true for these children to let go of their troubles and perform on the great Radio City Music Hall stage. How many children, or anyone for that matter, would ever have that kind of opportunity?!”
What advice have you given the children during the auditions and rehearsals?
“I just tell them how the sky is not the limit; there is no limit! Life is limitless. I loved being able to work with the children and have supported them since their first audition.”
How have you been spreading to word among your fan-base? 
“I brought my family and friends here tonight and of course, I will be tweeting and posting pictures about this foundation.  It’s a fun and free show that anyone can attend and celebrates these talented children; what’s better than that?!”
You seem like such a great mentor. Have you ever considered contributing your talent on a modeling TV show such as, The Face?
“When Americas Next Top Model began, I would think to myself, “Oh my God I could totally kill that!” It would have been fun to do that back then. Fortunately, I was blessed to already have an agency and now I get to do great things like this and just be myself. Honestly, I don’t think I could ever do a reality TV showcompetition and have the cameras in my face constantly; however, I could see myself being the host!
Lewis went on to say how we all have infinite possibilities once we put our mind to it. I believe there are limitless opportunities for this lovely lady!