How I Really Healed My Acne & Why I’m Better For It.

In March 2017 I had full blown adult acne. Sounds crazy but I was more fascinated and humbled than anything. I thought, “Man, so this is what it feels like.” “Feels like” is what came to mind rather than “looks like” because this wasn’t about my looks. The initial shock and struggle to find a remedy for my acne was more overwhelming than anything. I feared that the discomfort of the cystic acne would never go away but I made an effort to still go out and live my life. I’m humbled to have gone through this because it truly tested my patience and resilience. Unless you’ve gone through it, you don’t understand the emotional rollercoaster one feels when dealing with acne.

To take you back a bit, I started wearing foundation when I was only 13 years old because I believed my skin looked better with it. The nuns at my catholic school would make me wash my face and would take away my lip-gloss, which I’m still waiting to get back. I would beg my mom to let me stay home from school when I had a pimple… literally just one. I visited my dermatologist at least once a month and was notorious for begging the staff to squeeze me into the doctor’s schedule due to an emergency (the emergency being I had more than one zit.) If you were to tell me then that one day I’d be sharing photos of myself without makeup I’d say you were crazy. It wasn’t until college that I found my self-worth and confidence to feel comfortable in my own pale (but beautiful) skin… with or without makeup.

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Why This Was My Last Year At Fashion Week

Before I begin I want to say that I am so incredibly grateful to have had such experiences being backstage at previous fashion shows. I know there are a ton of girls who would love to have been given those opportunities… which is why I am making room for them. This was my last year attending New York Fashion Week.

 My first year at NYFW was in 2010 when I was in college. Since I studied fashion, I was presented the opportunity to work a few of the shows, one being BCBGMAXAZRIA. I remember working the door and feeling so fucking cool… even with my worker’s shirt on. As I was finishing help those find their seats, one of the PR girls was freaking out that two seats in the 2nd row were empty. This doesn’t look good for designers and wouldn’t appear nicely in photos captured of the show. Naturally, a friend and I were happy to fill in the gaps. I recall sitting there next to her and listening to her gasp and afterwards say it was one of the coolest moments of her life. I agreed it was cool, but deep down I really didn’t give a shit. I should’ve know at that moment that maybe fashion isn’t my calling.

Fast forward a few years later when I wrote about the models you should follow on Instagram and featured fun GIFS (or as everyone calls them now, boomerangs) of the models backstage. I wrote these articles because I felt like for those like me, who might not be totally inspired by the latest trends, can at least see that there is more to the women who walk the runway and that’s why I enjoyed being backstage vs watching the shows. Without knowing it at the time, I was starting to transition from a fashion blog to more lifestyle content.

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Signs You’re A Sweet Boss Bitch

Trust me, we’re sincerely sorry we’re not sorry. We have no interest in hurting anyone’s feelings or stepping on one’s toes. We don’t need to “cut a bitch” to get what we want. We aren’t confrontational but we’re not scared of standing up for ourselves either. These are the struggles of being a sweet boss bitch.

We’re always smiling, no resting bitch face here :) This doesn’t mean we aren’t silently judging your offensive words and think you’re a fool. We feel bad for you, in fact, we’re here for you if you want to talk.

Even when we try to give someone a nasty look it’s hard to keep a straight face. Maybe we should just stick to mean emoji’s, like the purple devil or red face emoji! That will show em…

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You Know Your Getting Old When…

1. You swoon over a request from a hot guy on LinkedIn and not Facebook.

2. You stop looking at your ex’s tweets because your too busy following real life issues.

3. You realize that Instagram fame won’t pay the bills, build relationships or get Ryan Gosling’s attention.

4. You check your work e-mail more than your Instagram.

5. You’d rather a good laugh over another “fashionable” post. I could care less about Kendall, Kylie, and what celebs are “in.” Instead I’m following @marniethedog, @cheesecurlsofinstagram and @thefatjewish… Humor never goes out of style.

6. You forget to snap a picture of your beautiful cosmopolitan for Instagram because you drank it too fast. It was a long week at work so SCREW INSTAGRAM! #adultyolo

7. Your grandma has a Facebook and your younger cousin in high school doesn’t. Enough said.

8. That younger cousin has more likes on Instagram than you.

9, Your friends on Facebook are having “life events” like getting engaged and married and your just tagging yourself in the hottest bar in NYC.

10. IRL, #DM, #GTFO? Hold on let me google it.

When I met you in the winter

“Be nice or I’ll write about you on my blog”, my instagram bio says. Well, a few nice guys didn’t like this and asked if that meant I only write about the bad ones. I then thought of a couple boys I’ve met and there was one that stood out to me. 

On a chilly winter day I was running late and a little lost in New York City. My phone was dead and I had no shame asking anyone and everyone for directions. I asked a foreigner, of course, and two girls who completely blew me off. That’s when I met him. He told me to follow him, he was taking the B and I was taking the C train uptown. He just moved into the city and we talked about how easy it is to get confused with the subways but I think he was trying to make me feel better.

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4 Fails At A Strip Club

It’s been a busy few months and since moving into the city it’s only gotten worse. I’ve had less time to blog ever since my lazy Sunday’s have been taken away by cleaning and furniture shopping (mind you I’m still on the hunt for a bed) and I’ve been working so late by the time I get out I just want to unplug.

However, this weekend inspired me to get back on my blogging game…Why? Because nothing cures writers block like going to a strip club. Yep! If your looking to get laid don’t follow my lead. Here are my 4 fails at a strip club.

 1. The Interviewer: As I was chatting with a few of the strippers (trying hard to not look down) I would try to change the subject to feel less awkward. For instance, when they said “Your beautiful! Would you like a dance?” I would say something like, “Aw, thanks but no thanks! So how long have you been doing this for?” “How long are the hours?” “Do you commute?” and my favorite, “Is there a dress code?” I was basically interviewing all the men. Needless to say, none of them got the job (Pun intended.)

2. The Mom: Some of the guys were as young as 21…MIND BLOWN when one guy told me he’s been stripping since he was 18. Naturally, I turned into a 60 year old woman telling him, he’s not gonna be cute and fit forever and that he should go to school. From there, I asked deep questions like, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” His answers made me want to give him a hug and tell him everything’s going to be ok, totally strip club appropriate.  I’m surprised I didn’t get kicked out for harassing the strippers, but wasn’t surprised when they walked away and started cuddling up to the rich 80 year old who didn’t ask questions… he paid up.

3. The Stingy: I was definitely not being “cheap” on purpose, I had cash on me (you know, just to fit in…) But things would’ve been easier and less awkward if I could just hand them the bills. “Where’s the cashier?!” I thought. I didn’t want to be rude but I couldn’t get myself to put cash in someone’s Calvin’s.

4. The Basic Bitch: Nothing’s says “I’m having so much fun!” like asking the half-naked bartender to charge your iPhone. When I ran out of juice I became just as anxious as the thirty men and women at that bar. To me, a full charged iPhone is the equivalent to an orgasm… it’s satisfaction guaranteed. “YES, YES, YES!” I softly screamed as the text messages started coming in. True pleasure.

Another lazy Sunday taken away from me the next day as I knew it was time to go to the laundry mat. Uncomfortable and out of place, I found myself shaking 10 times more putting my quarters into the machine than I was putting dollars into someone’s boxer briefs the night before. I laughed and thought, “I don’t know if I’ll ever go to a strip club again, but I definitely need to find a new laundry mat…”

The Summer Smooch

When it comes to my beauty secrets, I will always kiss and tell. Lip-gloss is a powerful weapon; a wand that can help you seduce, shine, and ultimately feel fabulous. A light gloss is all you need for a trip to the beach or those lazy summer days. I have to admit, I’m not a huge lip-gloss or lipstick girl but when I do take the time to apply, I feel a little more sexy and vibrant. Just a little bit and you’re ready to sparkle and shine this summer!


Turkish Delight // Chihuahua // Giza // Orgasm

WILD FIRE: Smoking Smashbox

 Azalea Bright Pink Fuchsia // Disco Rose Rich Rose // Legendary True Red

SEX ON THE BEACH: Lancome Lover

Rose Des Nymphes // Rose Contre Temps // Rose Attrape Coeur // Rose Deau

TANNING TOPLESS: Bronzed Bobbi Brown

High Shimmer in Canary // High Shimmer in Beach // Chocolate Raspberry

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10 Reasons Why Dogs Are Actually A Girl’s Best Friend

In magazines, I’ve seen Jessica Alba with her two Pugs, Rihanna holding her Multi-Poo, Charlize Theron walking her Cocker Spaniel, and then there’s Kelly Osborne, who changes her dogs faster than she judges an outfit on Fashion Police!…

I have to wonder, could it really be the dog behind a woman that makes her look so fabulous? I wouldn’t mind walking my own puppy around NYC. Why? Well for starters, dogs are actually a girl’s best friend.  Here are 10 reasons why dogs make the perfect partner in crime…Fashion Police approved.

1. When you own a dog, it symbolizes that you are dependable and have the capability to share your love. 

2. Be prepared for strangers to approach you with a smile no doubt saying, “aww” in their heads or unknowingly out loud as you walk your dog… resulting in major confidence between you and your canine friend. 

3. Puppies are also a great addition to your selfie. They add a special “cute” dimension to your  picture, no filter needed. Bring on the major “likes”…#cutenessoverload      

4. Owning a dog brings you happiness and contentment; therefore, you can’t help but look happy! Happiness is infectious; pass it on.

5. Your dog will certainly be a conversation starter… “Oh, what a cute dog.” Hey you never know where that conversation will lead!

6. On the other hand, your new companion is also the perfect excuse to end an awkward convo.  “So sorry, but I have to finish walking my dog before my appointment; but, so great to see you!”


7. Regardless of the size of your dog, you always feel a little safer having him or her by your side.
8. Owning a puppy clearly shows that you can take on the responsibility of caring for something other than yourself, and that is always a good thing.
9. There is nothing like coming home after a tough day at work to your new bff’s unconditional love!
10. Finally, there are so many loving puppies and grown dogs that need a home.  So all you Fashionistas out there, why not open your heart, take the plunge and share your love with an adorable pup!!!!  


*Please note that the dog featured in photos above is not my own (I have a habit of finding dogs around NYC during photo-shoots) but, you bet I am looking into adopting one of my own!
Photo credit: Alicia King Photography