Loren Leads the Way in Her Louboutins!

Trendsetter Loren Ridinger hasn’t just set a trend for aspiring female entrepreneurs, she has also made her mark as one of Hollywood’s top fashionistas! The self-employed wife, mother, and philanthropist makes us completely head over heels! Let’s take a walk in her shoes…

Why we love her: Loren is the hard-working head of Shop.com and MarketAmerica.com, Motives Cosmetics, Cellular Laboratories, Loren Jewels, and has two blogs, lorensworld.com and myfashioncents.com.

Fave Heels: Christian Louboutins.

Were you always this focused and determined?
I always knew growing up that I didn’t want to just work for someone else’s dream but I wanted to work toward my own. So the best of both worlds would be being able to achieve success while helping others achieve theirs. I get to do that with marketamerica.com.

What advice can you give women who are trying to become self-employed?
Don’t expect to be a success overnight as it takes a lot of hard work and desire to accomplish your goals. The most important advice I would give would be not to quit. Find all the reasons it will work, and then make it work.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as positive and supportive as you, how do you overcome the bitterness or any negativity in your life?
“I have a clear message around me and so do those I work with: “negativity is not allowed here” and we live by that message. We are human, we make mistakes, we sometimes do things unintentionally but do not allow someone to steal your dreams and be negative. It brings you down and unless you’re extremely tough, it is hard to overcome someone who is negative because they are just filled with so much garbage. I am constantly analyzing things around me, including people. When cleaning out your things in order to be better organized or more efficient, make sure that includes cleaning out people.

You recently had surgery for a brain aneurysm. Do you feel there was a reason for this to happen during this time of your life? And how has this event, if at all, changed your outlook on life?
I have always believed that events happen in your life for a reason and the way you deal with it or approach it determines where your life goes. Most people who have a brain aneurysm don’t know about it until it is too late and my goal is to create awareness so men and women will do a screening to be sure they are not affected. This experience has reminded me that while I am living to be sure to really live. You’re always going to have an inbox waiting for you, but you have to enjoy life and let things wait while you live.

On a lighter note, let’s talk fashion! While handling a busy schedule, how do you stay on the right track, on time, and on trend?! Do you ever just want to throw on the sweats and call it a day?
I love putting together a fabulous look with the perfect accessories to pull it all together. But I have also learned to be comfortable. You can still wear fabulous Louboutins while throwing on a great pair of cotton loose pants with a chic sweater and feel warm and cozy while looking great.

What fashion and beauty tips have you picked up from your friends Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria, and Jennifer Lopez?
Jennifer doesn’t have any secrets. Whenever she comes to stay with me, I always tease her that I am going to search her bathroom for what she is using and hiding from me. But she is just naturally that beautiful. Kim and Eva of course are the same, natural beauties and when we are together we prefer no makeup. However we are always sharing what each of us have as far as fashion and letting each other in on what is a “must have.”

What future projects or surprises should we expect to see from you next?
MeetON.com is a site I created that will launch soon. It’s like Twitter and YouTube combined. It’s video streaming at its best while connecting with your favorite personalities on the planet.

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