Dare to Dream, Featuring Model Dominique Piek

In light of all that has happened in Boston, I wanted to share something we all need right now… positivity, love and hope.


On Tuesday, April 16th, I covered the Garden of Dreams Talent Show, “Dare to Dream”, which was hosted by, MSG Knicks’ reporter, Jill Martin and Fuse news anchor, Matte Babel. It was obvious to everyone there that this was difficult but necessary.  We can’t let “them” win…There was so much triumph during the show, proving that during these tragic times, we, as Americans,  only become closer and more resilient.

Founded in 2006, The Garden of Dreams Talent Show truly helps to make dreams come true for children who are facing extreme difficulties such as homelessness, poverty, illness, and foster care.

Garden of Dreams has created thousands of once-in-a-lifetime moments that have brought excitement and joy to more than 225,000 children and their families, with almost 500 events in the past year alone. These children have the chance of a lifetime to perform on the Great Stage at Radio City Music Hall to celebrate their unique voices and talents in front of their friends, family, with support from celebrity mentors.

Some of the celebrity mentors at this year’s show were Victor Cruz, Rapper Waka Flocka Flame, The Strokes, and Models Doutzen Kroes, Dominique Piek, Jarah Mariano, Genevieve Morton and Damaris Lewis just to name a few.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model, Dominique Piek, was one of the supporters who stood out. No, it wasn’t because of her good looks, amazing physique, or the 6 extra inches she had over me… rather it was her sincerely sweet spirit and enthusiasm to support these talented children.


What was it about this foundation that made you want to be involved?

“My younger brother actually had cancer when he was about thirteen so my heart naturally always goes out to children who suffer from some sort of obstacle or difficulty.”

How have you been showing your support to these children?

“Just giving them motivational support after they have been practicing for about two months now, there were no questions asked; I had to be here to cheer them on. I will definitely be tweeting and instagramming pictures and spreading the word about the event throughout the night.”

What talent would you show off on stage if you were a given this opportunity?

“My friends will tease me because I am a huge Rihanna and Beyonce fan, and would probably love to break it down and have a little Beyonce moment. I don’t think I have quite that great of a singing voice, but my dream has always been to win a Grammy. I know it’ll never happen, but it is always a dream of mine!”

Many models today have helped young women make it into the modeling biz on reality television competition shows. Would you ever consider being a judge or hosting one of these shows?

 “I thought about presenting before, it’s definitely a possibility, I enjoy talking (as you can tell) and supporting other women so you never know!”

Is your boyfriend, Chris Pine here supporting you and these children as well?

“No, actually Chris and I are no longer together. This decision happened pretty recently; but I wish him nothing but the best and we still remain good friends.”

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

“I have a few European clients that I am working with right now, as well as other exciting things that I am not allowed to talk about just yet; but you will definitely be seeing more from me in the near future.”

This South African beauty may have made her splash as a swimsuit model, but proved to be just as talented of a mentor.  Although she is now single, I bet there are plenty of fish in the sea swooning over this swimsuit stunner’s warm spirit. Dominique Piek’s positivity is the model behavior we can all carry out while staying strong during these tough times.

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Click here to make a donation or to find out how you can contribute to this foundation.

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