Priceless Moments in Las Vegas: MAGIC Market Week

What a thrill it was to be representing Amy Conway at ENK Las Vegas! After a successful show in New York, we were fully prepared for Vegas. A little jet lag didn’t stop us from setting up the beautiful booth. People found the authentic décor to be so interesting that they would instantly stop and ask about the collection. Once we shared Amy’s overall message and mission, people seem genuinely intrigued to learn more. Everyone raved over the new jewelry pieces we added to the collection, with the Love Conquers All Bangle and Points Of Light Earrings being our top sellers. The scarves were also a huge hit! People really loved the concept that the scarves are all based on Amy’s poetry and artwork. The Yantra Orbs Stained Glass Modal Cashmere Scarf, was our number one seller, and is my personal favorite too!IMG_6188

I was amazed each morning when I walked through the lobby to start my day to see the casinos were nearly as filled, as they were the night before.  Although that scene wasn’t really of interest to me, (ok, maybe the Sex & The City Slot Machine) it was definitely cool to witness the lavish atmosphere Vegas had to offer.  The magnificent fashion at MAGIC Market Week wasn’t the only thing that made my mouth water! The designers certainly dished out their over the top displays, and I’m not just talking about extravagant floral centerpieces or sparkling chandeliers. Between the lavish lollipops, delectable hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, I made sure I did an extra lap around the show to get that work out in.

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As much as I wanted to join the dance party or get a quick manicure, I resisted the urge and made my way over to the Convention Center for some of the informative seminars. Of course my inner dork shined through during the social media seminar, sitting in the front and taking notes. Matt Winn from Volusion gave the lecture, which left me feeling completely inspired. His wit and humor made the hour fly by! Surrounded by others in the industry that were also there to learn how they could stay on the cutting edge of social media while building their brand was humbling. Even when the sugar rush started to subside, I was on such a high simply by being with people who are just as passionate about their goal as I am!

 I didn’t leave Vegas any richer…however, I left feeling wiser, truly inspired, and excited for a successful future for Amy Conway…and hey that’s priceless!

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