10 Reasons Why Dogs Are Actually A Girl’s Best Friend

In magazines, I’ve seen Jessica Alba with her two Pugs, Rihanna holding her Multi-Poo, Charlize Theron walking her Cocker Spaniel, and then there’s Kelly Osborne, who changes her dogs faster than she judges an outfit on Fashion Police!…

I have to wonder, could it really be the dog behind a woman that makes her look so fabulous? I wouldn’t mind walking my own puppy around NYC. Why? Well for starters, dogs are actually a girl’s best friend.  Here are 10 reasons why dogs make the perfect partner in crime…Fashion Police approved.

1. When you own a dog, it symbolizes that you are dependable and have the capability to share your love. 

2. Be prepared for strangers to approach you with a smile no doubt saying, “aww” in their heads or unknowingly out loud as you walk your dog… resulting in major confidence between you and your canine friend. 

3. Puppies are also a great addition to your selfie. They add a special “cute” dimension to your  picture, no filter needed. Bring on the major “likes”…#cutenessoverload      

4. Owning a dog brings you happiness and contentment; therefore, you can’t help but look happy! Happiness is infectious; pass it on.

5. Your dog will certainly be a conversation starter… “Oh, what a cute dog.” Hey you never know where that conversation will lead!

6. On the other hand, your new companion is also the perfect excuse to end an awkward convo.  “So sorry, but I have to finish walking my dog before my appointment; but, so great to see you!”


7. Regardless of the size of your dog, you always feel a little safer having him or her by your side.
8. Owning a puppy clearly shows that you can take on the responsibility of caring for something other than yourself, and that is always a good thing.
9. There is nothing like coming home after a tough day at work to your new bff’s unconditional love!
10. Finally, there are so many loving puppies and grown dogs that need a home.  So all you Fashionistas out there, why not open your heart, take the plunge and share your love with an adorable pup!!!!  


*Please note that the dog featured in photos above is not my own (I have a habit of finding dogs around NYC during photo-shoots) but, you bet I am looking into adopting one of my own!
Photo credit: Alicia King Photography