Interview with Leah Jenner

Harmonious Life Advice from Musician Leah Jenner

Everyone has their own unique voice in this world. We might not all be holding a microphone in our hand, but Leah Jenner shares how we have the power to take the stage in our own life and be 100% happy with who we are. Life can be a little off-beat sometimes, but we are constantly evolving, learning, and heyit ain’t so bad!  Leah’s inspiring message is a melody we should all listen to-on repeat. So press play, this woman has something awesome to say!

Photo Credit: Hillary Cramer

Photo Credit: Hillary Cramer

You and Brandon were raised in families that were in the public eye. Have they been supportive of your choice to pursue a career in the music industry?  

Absolutely, they have been so supportive. My dad is such a successful musician. To be honest, I didn’t even realize that until I was 11 years old. He always had his guitars all over the house and just told me that he was a musician. One night, I remember him coming into my room to tuck me in and said that things were going to change a little bit and that he was going to be on the road and out of town for a while.

I also remember the first night he appeared at The Staple Center.  He took me backstage and showed me around. During the show, I was actually able to see from the wings the lights shining on him while the audience was screaming. It was such an amazing moment, especially since I never realized that was what his career entailed.  My dad is the type of man that is very low-key about his accomplishments. He has his priorities in check and always encourages the people around him. I appreciate the great values he has instilled in me, and I believe Brandon and I had the same kind of experience growing up.

On the last season of Keeping up with the Kardashians, you expressed your fear of having a lack of privacy being famous. You also mentioned that so many people lose sight of themselves and forget what truly matters in life. Do you still have those feelings and concerns? How do you deal with them head on?

On that episode it was something I had to go through to see what it was like to come out the other side. I would have to say, I am so overwhelmed from the amount of love I’ve gotten in response to being on the show and doing that episode. It really opened my eyes as to how many loving, CARING and amazing people there are on the planet and how much they like to express their love. All of my worries have been put to rest. It’s really been an incredible experience.

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