Dear Deciem, Beauty Lovers and Instagram,

I recently wrote about natural skincare products I use on a daily basis to keep my adult acne at bay. That has now been updated. Here’s the thing, I would not be able to sleep at night knowing the night serum I applied is from a company that promotes drug use, crude and manic behavior and ultimately cyber bullying. For those who aren’t familiar, Deciem is an “abnormal beauty company”, known for their affordable, natural collection of skincare and beauty products… soon to be overshadowed by their toxic social media presence. The company has mastered the perfect formula for affordable products, I’ll give them that, but their Instagram is a recipe for disaster.

Before I dive in here I would like to mention that I’ve never written an article bashing a brand and I’m not about to. I am simply stating the facts and highlighting the hate and negativity the CEO of Deciem is partaking in and stirring up himself. It has made my blood boil and I am confident I’m not the only one getting heated. Others has expressed their concern for the CEO’s mental state and desire for content that is relevant to the brand itself.

Deciem’s Instagram looks like it’s been managed by both Kanye West and Donald Trump. The needless provoking posts, curated by the CEO, are offensive and quite frankly disappointing. I will not be mentioning this CEO’s name because 1. I never mention names when I’m writing about someone I am less than fond of and 2. He doesn’t deserve a shout-out. It’s like the feeling of when you were younger and so disgusted with an ex that you and your friends had to give him a different name when speaking about him. Let’s do that, let’s call him Mr. Cyber Bully.

So here we go. I’m breaking down for you why I am outraged by Mr. Cyber Bully and Deciem’s Instagram account.

If this is the type of man behind the brand, what kind of people are hired to represent him and the company? If he’s on drugs (his words not mine) is the team who is producing and promoting the products on drugs as well?  Mr. Cyber Bully posted a selfie, among many, on Deciem’s Instagram account to which he says that Botox and drugs have helped him get clear, ageless skin. He gave zero credit to his products. While I appreciate authenticity, this was seemingly narcissistic behavior, a man who thought his comment was cute and funny. Such a claim shouldn’t have been shared on the brand’s social media. It hurts to know that he doesn’t care about the young girls who are following this Instagram account for skincare inspiration. Instead, they see a comment made by Deciem’s “leader” that drugs and Botox is really what he credits for his ageless skin. How dare you Mr. Cyber Bully!

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