Miss Limitless Lewis

Damaris Lewis has proven to be more than just a pretty face. Although this Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model appeared in the Kayne West music video, Monster, models for numerous designers and danced with actor, Bradley Cooper, in the movie, Limitless, she has found time to share her positive philosophy about life to help children reach their goals.
At the Garden Of Dreams Foundation Talent Show, Lewis discussed with me how our lives are limitless and we are all capable of doing much more
than we ever dreamed of…
What do you love most about the Garden Of Dreams Foundation?
“Well, I instantly gravitated to this foundation once I heard the name was, “Garden Of Dreams”. This is one of the very few charities out there that stays true to what they stand for, making dreams come true for children. It is literally a dream come true for these children to let go of their troubles and perform on the great Radio City Music Hall stage. How many children, or anyone for that matter, would ever have that kind of opportunity?!”
What advice have you given the children during the auditions and rehearsals?
“I just tell them how the sky is not the limit; there is no limit! Life is limitless. I loved being able to work with the children and have supported them since their first audition.”
How have you been spreading to word among your fan-base? 
“I brought my family and friends here tonight and of course, I will be tweeting and posting pictures about this foundation.  It’s a fun and free show that anyone can attend and celebrates these talented children; what’s better than that?!”
You seem like such a great mentor. Have you ever considered contributing your talent on a modeling TV show such as, The Face?
“When Americas Next Top Model began, I would think to myself, “Oh my God I could totally kill that!” It would have been fun to do that back then. Fortunately, I was blessed to already have an agency and now I get to do great things like this and just be myself. Honestly, I don’t think I could ever do a reality TV showcompetition and have the cameras in my face constantly; however, I could see myself being the host!
Lewis went on to say how we all have infinite possibilities once we put our mind to it. I believe there are limitless opportunities for this lovely lady!