Victoria Secret Fashion Show

I don’t know if it’s the delicious smell of hot chocolate and gingerbread lattes, the joyful jingles we hear while shopping, or the glistening lights and decorations, but everyone seems to be a bit more cheerful during this time of year. Fathers all over are smiling with relief that their daughters now have no choice but to put on three layers of clothing before leaving the house.

 Turtlenecks…scarves…coats…it’s a dads Christmas miracle. However, just because the weather is getting colder doesn’t mean you can’t keep things hot. The Victoria Secret Fashion Show aired on Nov. 30, featuring six sexy style themes that showed confidence, strength, and sex appeal. Victoria Secret model Heidi Klum once said, “You should spend your money on some nice lingerie. Big wool cotton pants, that just doesn’t work. You have to feel sexy!” Although we aren’t going to walk out of the house wearing simply lingerie or outrageous wings, at least we can leave knowing we have some sex appeal underneath our frumpy turtleneck and big wool cotton pants.

Tough Love

These striking women portrayed a strong rocker look, while still maintaining to stay chic. The Tough Love collection features sexy and authoritative lingerie designs which suit women who want to show off their feminine side, but still dominate. When wearing the VS Ruffle Balconet Push-up Bra you can achieve this feeling of supreme sexiness too.

It is perfect for those that want to remain rough around the edges and innocence at the same time. The sweet ruffle detail and ribbon-trim show off a posh side, whereas the seductive red and black colors and push-up cups show-off your stronger assets. Remember there’s a fine line between coming across as tough or just being plain grumpy. So when you wake up on a freezing winter morning feeling like Mr. Scrooge, try slipping into something that makes you feel feminine while holding onto your edgy attitude. It will be your naughty little secret; after all you’ve been a good girl all year. Most of the time.

Game On

The Game On collection featured designs that were obvious inspired by sports. This theme was not only perfect for football season, but also to show that athletic strong women can be sexy. The Game On part of the fashion show featured seductive sheer lingerie with athletic gear and other knock-out designs. Although we would probably look absurd sporting those risqué outfits, Victoria’s Secret still offers a wide range of sexy, sporty lounge wear and lingerie with many NFL team logos. You can now show spirit this football season supporting teams such as the New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys, Oakland Raiders and many more. Wear your man’s favorite team to encourage his football obsession, and I’m sure he won’t just be cheering for the game. Heavenly Bodies This collection was all about being outrageous; bringing the drama to the runway. The mix of extreme glam and theatrical outfits on the stage were absolutely amazing. If you want to be just as extraordinary as a VS supermodel, I recommend wearing Victoria’s Secret Miraculous Push-up bra, otherwise known as the “Hello Bombshell Bra.” This is a lady’s best choice if she wants to make her own grand entrance. “Being a bombshell is more than looks,” said VS supermodel Miranda Kerr. Model Alessandra Ambrosio then added, “It’s an attitude, and it comes from inside. It’s a sexy walk. A bombshell has inner strength and glamour.” This bra is said to instantly add two cup sizes and is sure to create attention. If you are feeling confident and are looking to try on some drama, I highly suggest investing in this dramatic push-up bra.

Country Girls

The Country Girl collection flaunts the innocence and sensuality women have. The designs included a mix of flowers, lace and plaids. The combination of the romantic soft colors and the feminine details made each outfit beautiful.

Victoria Secret brand “Sexy Little Things” has babydoll nighttime slips that are cute and comfortable. 
 Whether you want to wear the simple Swiss Dot Babydoll, or decide to be more alluring wearing the Lace Apron Babydoll, you automatically can feel 10 times more girly and seductive. This winter wear something that  makes you feel smoking hot instead of wearing pajamas that look like they have been delivered through your chimney.

Pink Planet

The Victoria Secret Pink Planet theme was intended to inspire women to remain fun and flirtatious if you want to stay youthful. The combinations of colors used in the garments remind you of something straight out of a fairytale, only less conservative than say a Disney princess

 Victoria’s Secret model Kerr stated, “Young women should embrace their individuality. You may think it’s easy for me to say, but we all have insecurities. It’s important, as women, to get past all of that and let our talents shine.” We can all instantly brighten a room with our individualism, while wearing similar multicolored pieces that were worn on the runway. Wearing boring nude shades and colors can make you feel like sleeping beauty, but by choosing to wear flirty bright colors for lingerie you can instantly feel like royalty. Even though you may be the only one who gets to see what lies beneath your holiday sweater, at least you can be acquainted with the queen you truly are!

 Wild Things

 It was no surprise to see the infamous retailer featured leopard, zebra and tiger printed designs on the runway. Victoria Secret stores all over carry animal printed bras, sleepwear, handbags and other accessories. Women can show their sexy instincts and achieve a similar look by being playful with trying different animal printed lingerie. Who knows, maybe wearing something that makes you feel spontaneous can bring out your wild side. Although men may ogle at their television screens, and many of us girls may watch in envy or disgust, the Victoria Secret Fashion Show takes place each year not just for models to show off the extreme designs, but to show women that we can all feel beautiful and should feeling comfortable in our own skin. Kerr once said, “Never compare yourself to anyone else because all women are unique. It’s like trying to compare a sunflower to a rose, they are both so beautiful and different you can’t possibly compare the two.” This holiday invest in a purchase that makes you feel more presentable. Even though no one else may actually see what is underneath your clothes, I’m sure they will see a slightly stronger, feminine or possibly more wild side that they can’t quite put their finger on. It’s always empowering to have a secret. Discover yours this holiday.