The Victoria Secret Fashion Show takes place each year not just for models to entertain the audience with their outrageous wings and lingerie, but to empower women and prove with just a little bit of confidence and sex appeal we can all feel like an angel! Get out your pink robes ladies…its show time!

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Snow Angels: VSFS 2012

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A little snow…a little sneak peek! Inches of snow piled up outside in the freezing cold as the Victoria Secret Angels lined up backstage to walk this year’s hottest fashion show. The precipitation certainly didn’t kill anyone’s anticipation for the big show. My best friend Lauren Fitzpatrick and I got the inside scoop behind the curtain at the VSFS. Get out your pink robes ladies…it’s show time!

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Victoria Secret Fashion Show

I don’t know if it’s the delicious smell of hot chocolate and gingerbread lattes, the joyful jingles we hear while shopping, or the glistening lights and decorations, but everyone seems to be a bit more cheerful during this time of year. Fathers all over are smiling with relief that their daughters now have no choice but to put on three layers of clothing before leaving the house.

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