To The Windows To The Walls

3 easy ways to make your happy place a little bit happier!

Have you started your annual closet cleaning, moved into a new apartment, or simply looking to make some changes to your space? Well, redesigning and cleaning out that clutter has wonderful benefits including helping you think more clearly, as well as, promoting a more positive mindset to start your day. Productivity is provoked by positivity. Here are some easy tips on how to create an inspiring and uplifting space that awakens your soul!


Change your mood with a mood board. You should never doubt yourself, but when in doubt, it’s nice to be reminded of how awesome you are. There is a reason why your mother would hang up your outstanding report card on the refrigerator when you were younger. She not only wanted to freeze the moment, but she was proud of you and wanted you to feel proud of yourself! When someone is proud of how far they have come and can see their hard work in front of them, it helps envision a successful future during the rough times. So go ahead and hang up your college degree or another achievement that signifies all you have accomplished in the past that you are proud of.  


Bloom where you are planted. Did you know that adding a burst of color can help boost energy? While neutrals might look super chic, it can be a bit dull and boring to come home to. Add a pop of color with a bouquet of flowers or pretty plants, but no need to make your room look like a jungle. Just one or two is all you need to appreciate the beauty and the scent, making your place feel a little bit more like home. Use blues to promote relaxation, reds for passion and increased energy (but beware, reds are also known to stimulate appetite). Incorporate greens for concentration, pink for relaxation and meditation, and finally, mellow yellows to help keep your spirits high and support an overall cheerful attitude. 


Change your frame of mind by framing what you love. Use old windows for a vintage feel when framing inspirational quotes or pictures that make you smile. Show your sense of humor with a little sarcasm, or your sensitivity with romantic touches!

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