The Summer Smooch

When it comes to my beauty secrets, I will always kiss and tell. Lip-gloss is a powerful weapon; a wand that can help you seduce, shine, and ultimately feel fabulous. A light gloss is all you need for a trip to the beach or those lazy summer days. I have to admit, I’m not a huge lip-gloss or lipstick girl but when I do take the time to apply, I feel a little more sexy and vibrant. Just a little bit and you’re ready to sparkle and shine this summer!


Turkish Delight // Chihuahua // Giza // Orgasm

WILD FIRE: Smoking Smashbox

 Azalea Bright Pink Fuchsia // Disco Rose Rich Rose // Legendary True Red

SEX ON THE BEACH: Lancome Lover

Rose Des Nymphes // Rose Contre Temps // Rose Attrape Coeur // Rose Deau

TANNING TOPLESS: Bronzed Bobbi Brown

High Shimmer in Canary // High Shimmer in Beach // Chocolate Raspberry

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One thought on “The Summer Smooch

  1. Hi Dayna, How are you? I hope well. Love your blog. It is looking really good. Congrats. I am really well. Enjoying my life and my gig at Haskell. All is very good. Let me know how you are. It’s so funny. I’m working with Nicole. She told me you worked with her at AM. She is pregnant having twins!! Such a beautiful woman. Say hello. Helen

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