Making The Most Of The Middle

Life used to be so much fun being in the middle. Remember when it was cool to be the one in the middle of a photo or sit in between your besties at the movies. Those were the days when no one EVER wanted to be the first or last in line.

Making the most of itNow, I have a totally different view of what it means to be “in the middle,” and it’s definitely not as amusing as I remember. Today, it seems we all take life too seriously focusing straight ahead to reach goals society has programmed us to achieve. We also often get stuck in-between jobs, in the middle of two family members, or even in-between a best friend and a boyfriend. I’ll admit for the past year I have felt like quite the middle man, or woman I should say. I’m in that limbo adult phase in life where I have a nice job and great group of friends, but still not sure where I’m headed; and that’s ok. I’ve come to realize that fully accepting the middle means you’ve taken the responsibility to take control of your own life; no syllabus or directions included.



As a 20-something year old, I often go back and forth weighing not just what path is right or wrong, but whether or not I WANT to make society’s “right” or “wrong” choice. I’m old enough to know what’s best me, and capable of making that decision for myself. I would much rather follow my heart and possibly make a mistake, than always wonder, “What could have been.” I believe it’s advantageous for a person to learn and grow from life’s little pitfalls, rather than always choosing the safe “right” choice that might not be right for them.

I’ve come to the conclusion; it’s perfectly okay to embrace being both the computer nerd and the party girl, or even the talkative introvert. We don’t have to choose a defined mold of who we are, or follow a straight path to where we’re going. Some of our greatest triumphs come from thinking outside the box and taking a risk. Since I’m single and don’t have any children, I currently have the luxury of making decisions that will only impact my life. In other words, I have few years of exploring different paths and “wrong” decisions ahead of me… I think I’ll make the most of it!