Hung Up On Mr. Telephone

There’s no better feeling than the initial high you get from infinite, late night and early morning text messages from someone new. The mystery and anticipation behind what could possibly be between the two of you can feel exhilarating and satisfy a lonely gap in your day.

I think the pattern began when I had my first “boyfriend” in middle school. He was a year older and I had the biggest crush on him. After a short week of messaging back and forth on AIM he asked me to be his girlfriend. Notes were exchanged in the hallways but we never had an actual conversation. We were basically pen pals. I can’t remember how long we were together for but I do know that enough time went past where I got frustrated communicating only through the computer or hand written notes (texting wasn’t big back in my day!) My mom gave her best speech, suggesting that future relationships would be different and that I was still young. Little did she know that the dating culture for my generation would only get worse.

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