Look Who’s Laughing Now.

tumblr_mf4zp7NPVc1rgguono1_500It has been about a week since Jennifer Lawrence fell at the Oscars and it is still being discussed in the media. Whether people feel sorry for her, or they make a cruel joke about the incident, I am afraid this moment might haunt the actress for a long time. However, as the saying goes “It’s not how you fall, rather how you get back up.” I believe Jennifer has already taken the high road and has moved forward (after all she did walk away with an Oscar). Proving that no one is perfect, not even a model, I collected a few stumbles and slips on the runway, showing that we all have embarrassing moments from time to time!

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Fall In Love With Jennifer Lawrence: Her Best Moments At The Oscars!

Jennifer Lawrence had her own fairy-tale twist at the Oscars. The award winning, Best Actress, stole the show and looked absolutely stunning on the red carpet. Wearing Dior Haute Couture, diamond drop earrings, and a Chopard necklace elegantly dripping down her back, Miss Lawrence looked like a true Princess.

When asked about how she felt on the red carpet, The Hunger Games actress admitted to being extremely hungry because she didn’t even have time to eat while getting ready before the big event. Her sarcasm and sense of humor only added to her beauty and made us love her that much more!

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