Be On Your Best Beach Bum Behavior

It can be your doctor’s orders, your workout for the day, or a mini lesson in hair braiding…whichever it may be, you can get more than just a tan when being a beach bum for the day!

Sand Prints.

The best time to write is when one is relaxed and stress-free. Our minds can fly free when we are in the shower or right before bed because we are less tense and have fewer interruptions.

 Whether you’re writing poetry, starting a novel, or just making a grocery list, take advantage of your quite time at the beach and ability to concentrate…best part is there is no cellphone service…that’s a good thing since it prevents you from receiving phone calls and constantly checking your Facebook, e-mail, and texts. Less mobile=more memorable moments!

Live & Learn

Step out of your shell when enjoying easy exercise with friends! Washing cars, beach volleyball, boogie boarding, surfing, roller skating….hey even just walking on the boardwalk can give your beach bum booty a lift! Be active and meet new people by starting something sporty in the sun.
Dayna Blair

Before you break a sweat you might want to pull back those beachy hair waves.
Bring print outs of DIY braids on Pinterest or your favorite blog and learn how to braid your girlfriends hair.

 Sea a Difference

The ocean salt water contains minerals that can help our bodies heal and detoxify. Studies show that the ocean water can help cure arthritis, psoriasis and even depression. In 2010 Gwyneth Paltrow was diagnosed with early stages of osteopenia, the precursor to brittle bone disease osteoporosis. Even though the fair skin beauty was a bit apprehensive about the doctor’s suggestion to soak up some sun to absorb extra Vitamin D, she follows doctors orders by taking Vitamin D supplements spends more time at the beach(with a high SPF of course).

Gwyneth uses Supergoop, a line of Everyday Face & Body Moisturizer with 30 SPF and UVA/UVB protection. You can find this sunscreen in a variety of shapes and sizes at Sephora for a low price of $14-$45. Supergoop comes in a spray, serum, creams, and wipes and has no harsh chemicals or harmful ingredients. Oh yeah, and its formulated with anti-aging properties and Vitamin E which softens skin and further protects against environmental damage, what more can you ask for?!

Hold the Crab.

Research from the University of Plymouth suggests that people are more relaxed and happier when they are at the beach, rather than being in the city. Serotonin, the neurotransmitter implicated in mental disorders like depression, is naturally increased in our bodies by the sunny sky. Research by the European Centre for Environment and Human Health in Truro, Cornwall, states that a simple walk along the beach can perk up a person’s mood and boost their emotional well being.