Thankfully Giving into “ME-Time!”

Wash away your troubles.
It is important for all of us to have “me-time.” This can simply mean turning off all your electronics and just zoning out. You’ll notice the benefits of a routine like this even if you do it for just half an hour a day. Giving yourself a facial or painting your toenails without being constantly interrupted by numerous texts or e-mails will improve your ability to focus later, not to mention improve your appearance!

You can also try clearing your head while cleaning up. Studies show that taking a hot shower is a great way to relax muscles, like in the neck or back. It can reduce allergy symptoms and even help reduce acne and water weight.

The cortisol levels in our bodies increase when we are stressed, causing us to overeat, gain unwanted weight and bloat. Although it tastes worth it at the time, we retain excess water weight when we eat too much junk food. The steam in the shower can help a person lose weight by raising body temperature.

Although you may not come out of the shower looking like a Victoria’s Secret model, your metabolism is temporarily increased by your elevated body temperature, and you drop excess water weight by sweating. This sweating can also help your skin by flushing out the cortisol in the body through our sweat glands.

 Between the steam and the sweat (which contains salt that kills the acne-causing bacteria), a hot shower can open up our pores, removing the oil and dirt deep in the skin.

Enough gloom; get glowing.!
If you want to hold onto your radiant skin, you may want to reconsider being confrontational. When we have issues with a friend or significant other, it may be better to take a deep breath and cool off before getting into a heated argument. Holding on to frustration with a disagreement for an extended period of time only produces higher stress hormone levels that negatively affect our health and appearance. Dr. Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, professor of psychiatry at Ohio State University, suggests that prolonged surges of these hormones will undoubtedly affect our immune systems. It takes more effort to stay mad at someone than just letting things go, plus, everyone looks prettier with a smile.

According to, smiling can help reduce symptoms associated with anxiety. Dr. Mark Stibich, consultant at Columbia University, writes that “if you can slow your breathing down and change your expression, you may be able to turn around the stress cascade.”

We all are going to have disagreements. By talking calmly, we will not only improve our internal health, but we will also better maintain that youthful glow in our cheeks. Next time you find yourself in an argument, think to yourself how the best revenge is walking away beautiful and radiant

Give thanks to yourself for your hard work, respect your need for peace of mind, and confront stress with a smile!