Interview With Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Creates A Vitamin You Can Count On

Admit it, ladies. You know you’ve done it: sneaking into your man’s bathroom cabinet to get an inside look as to who he is, what he may be hiding, and where you can sneak in your own things. Well, why not squeeze in something you both can share? Isotonix Champion Blend Plus is the cutting-edge new vitamin created by Carmelo Anthony. This NBA star scores major points for creating a unique vitamin with unlimited benefits for both men and women. FabFitFun spoke with the athlete about his ingenious, healthy creation.

What are some of the benefits of Isotonix Champion Blend Plus?
There are unlimited benefits to this vitamin. Champion Blend promotes healthy muscles, reduces fatigue, increases energy, provides antioxidant protection to minimize the effects of free radicals, and contains B vitamins to ensure optimal utilization by the body.

When is the best time to take the vitamin?
All the time! I am officially ODing on Champion Blend! Seriously though, the great thing about this product is its convenience. Since it is an isotonic power, you can put it into your water bottle or juice and get going with your day. La La [his wife] takes it when she gets up and gets going with her day. I was really excited to see that!

Your wife, La La, even takes it, so this product is safe for women to take as well?
Definitely, even my son, Kiyan – who is 5 years old – takes it! You not only perform better as an athlete, but women find that they feel and look better when taking it, too.

Why is Champion Blend used as a liquid instead of your typical vitamin capsule?
This vitamin is both isotonic and liquid, allowing your body to absorb all the benefits because it goes straight into the bloodstream. Since the vitamin is a powder, it has no fillers, binders, or coatings that many tablets have. When we take nutritional supplements that are non-isotonic our bodies work for hours to absorb the benefits, and a large percentage of the nutritive value is lost. Plus, it is easier than swallowing a pill or bringing along your vitamins. You can just add the powder to your juice or water bottle and go about your day.

Why did you choose to partner with Market America/ over GNC or Vitamin Shoppe, like many celebrities and athletes?
Well, first of all, President and Chief Executive Officer JR Ridinger and Senior Vice President Loren Ridinger are my family, so it was only natural to work with what felt like home. They helped lead the development of this cutting-edge supplement, one that can help not only world-class athletes, but anyone stay in shape and feel great! I was confident that we would make a great team and build a brand everyone can trust. At the end of the day we both wanted to change and improve the way people take their vitamins, and I believe we did just that.

When it comes to our health, why not be a team player? Even if you’re not the next NBA superstar, at least you can be a champion!

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