Charity Water Ball 2012

After recent events, I enjoyed sharing the latest fashion, health and beauty tips I picked up along the way. However, last week I attended the Charity Water Ball and met some amazing women who are committed to bringing clean water to those in need throughout the world. They are using their celebrity voice to inspire others to reach out and help those in need. Therefore, you won’t be reading about their latest beauty tips or favorite designer because their passion doesn’t revolve around themselves.

Instead Jessica Stroup, Jessica Lowndes, and Sophia Bush share a common passion for Charity Water, a cause to help people get access to clean and safe drinking water.

Jessica Stroup:

As a female, how has this charity impacted you?

Someone who truly impacted me was an Ethiopian local woman who explained to me how she walks miles to get water for her family then returns home carrying the filled heavy buckets.  When she was telling me this story, she was surrounded by men and then said; if the women didn’t get back in time to make dinner or even spill some water, they would be beaten.

After listening to this woman, and the fact that they now will have water reserves near them, it will change their lives. This brought to my attention how much we take this basic need for granted.

Exactly, it’s a need! At this time of the year everyone gets caught up in holiday shopping and Christmas lists, but this is something that is truly a necessity for millions of people and a cause we should support especially during the holidays…

Yes, absolutely! There is such a need and a lot of people don’t even realize how much of the world doesn’t have access to clean water. Charity Water is a wonderful organization that gives us all many opportunities to give back that is almost effortless.

You are so knowledgeable about all this, how have you spread the word among your fan base and friends?

Charity water is so wonderful and I have spread the word in many ways. On my 24th birthday I traveled to Ethiopia with Charity Water to see firsthand what this inspiring group is doing to change the world. I’ve also tweeted about it, but I have just been honest with others letting them know how pronominal this charity is.

Jessica’s Twitter is: @JessicaLStroup Click here to see how Jessica Stroup has helped raise money for Charity Water

Jessica Lowndes:

What brings you here to support Charity Water?

For me, it’s been a dream of mine to go to Africa, to do missionary work, and helping those in need. It’s incredible what Charity Water does for others, we all need three basic things; food, shelter, and water. Clean and safe drinking water is essential for these developing nations.

How are you helping spread the word about this charity?

Around the holidays, it’s great to come together and we have an amazing platform to spread the word and raise money for the Charity Water.

Sophia Bush:

Why is Charity Water important to you?

I am really fortunate to know the great people that are running Charity Water personally. I get to see their program and know the amazing work that they are doing first hand.

When was the moment you realized how important this cause was?

When you consider that there are so many diseases that people are suffering and dying from around the world because of a lack of clean water, you begin to consider how much we take for granted, such as turning on a faucet and have clean water anytime we want. It’s almost non-negotiable to get involved.

What is next for you in bringing awareness to Charity Water?

This is something we all should be looking at, and that this reality does exists.  We can provide clean water to everyone in the world. I am so excited that there is an organization like Charity Water to make this dream a reality.

It was a pleasure speaking with these intelligent women who have helped make such a difference for Charity Water! I hope this has inspired you to give back during the holidays!

4 thoughts on “Charity Water Ball 2012

  1. I think is awesome how the actors can help to change the world especially Jessica Stroup who I admire for make this change with charity water.
    Is basic for every being live to can get clean water in this world,but sadly is not that way,and many die just for drink dirty water.
    I personaly try to don’t wasting water because everybody need it and every year is less water in the world,and make a little donation but I know there is more ways to try to help to make a change
    Thank you for this report and to make conscience about all this. ;)

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