The Victoria Secret Fashion Show takes place each year not just for models to entertain the audience with their outrageous wings and lingerie, but to empower women and prove with just a little bit of confidence and sex appeal we can all feel like an angel! Get out your pink robes ladies…its show time!

Irresistible Izabel Gouert


What is the one thing that makes you feel fabulous?
I feel most fabulous when I wake up and I am in a great mood, feeling fresh and energized! I love when I get that full 8 hours of sleep that gives my skin a healthy glow.

What are your secrets to staying fit?
Something to do with my genetics, but I love having at least just one hour with myself. Having just that one hour to let go during Pilates, or release energy when doing kickboxing makes me feel great. I think it’s important to take that time to just connect with yourself.

What do you enjoy doing for fun?
I am constantly traveling so I love when I am home with my friends and family. Even if it’s just having a barbecue or hanging out, I have the most fun when I am with them!

What fashion advice would you tell your younger self?
You can do anything you want just remember everything in moderation. Regarding a dress, go for it and wear that mini dress! Just be careful how short and what you pair it with. When it comes to makeup, do a cat eye or smoky eye shadow or bold sexy red lips but never do both making you look over the top.

Adorable Lindsay Ellingson

When do you feel you’re most fabulous?
I feel most fabulous when my hair has volume and texture. I love using VS So Sexy Hair for natural luscious waves.

What do you do for exercise and to stay fit?
I recently started Ballet Beautiful, a new company started by a professional ballerina. I think it is important to looking healthy and curvy on the runway. This is not only fun but sculpts and tones my body.
What do you love doing when you have free time?
I think NYC has the best restaurants! I have been enjoying going out and trying new places. I recently went to Fat Radish, which was great!



A few eyelash and hair extensions later the Victoria Secret Angels get ready to spread their wings down the runway!162340761537358386_hTmKHx44_c

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