5 Things I Noticed When I Moved to LA

One night while binge watching Laguna Beach and The Hills I started thinking about the interesting differences between NYC and LA. It hasn’t been hard adjusting to the amazing weather, great food (sushi and tacos everyday please) and friendly neighbors. However, there are still a few things that I’m taken back by. Let me know if you agree…

1. Everyone is pretty. And I mean like really pretty. Uber driver, gorgeous. FedEx guy, stunning. Homeless person, kinda hot?


2. My first month here I wondered why it was just me and the homeless hottie on the streets. Ohhhhh… because people don’t walk! They do however go hiking 10+ miles in their free time. Yeah, I think I’ll stick to my brisk walks to Pinkberry and Starbs, catch you later!
3. Everyone wants to be your BFF when you have a pet. When you don’t, you better hope your hair or outfit is on point cause bitches won’t notice you anymore. (Kidding… Sort of)


4. People are so calm and chill. Or maybe they’re just exhausted from that 10 mile hike. Either or.2u5qu69

5. Everyone is saving the environment in LA, in New York it was all about saving the economy. Yep, people are for sure giving me the death stare when I throw my food in the recycling bin. Oops!


But hey, at the end of the day, whether I’m in NYC or LA, I can only be myself!